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Sasari Sari

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re: Precautionary Measures

The last vestiges of the setting sun poured through the high windows of the drawing room of the citadel. The air was perfumed by the cut flowers brought in from the vacation spots on Coruscant and the decorated a low table placed at the center of the room. A few comfortable chairs and a lone couch were placed at intervals around the low table, somewhat aligned with the patterns of the colorful hand made area rug. A Mirialan female stood off to one side of the room at a minibar preparing a tray with setting for two and humming absently to herself. She wore simple dark blue robes with golden trim and a circlet, nothing too elaborate to off set her deep green skin and stark white hair. The sound of the door caused her to lift her violet gaze from her task, but she didn't turn to look at the person who entered quietly behind her.

“Ah, Master Therain. Thank you for coming, I know you are pressed for time dealing with your own matters.” Her voice had a certain sense of serenity to it that few achieve. She smiled as she lifted the tray and turned to face her guest.

The man in the door had striking red hair now streaked with silver reflecting his age and he wore eye coverings that denoted that he was a Miraluka. He was a larger man, built by years of daily physical training with padawan and apprentices alike. Master Therain wore a grim expression, but did attempt to smile in response to the woman's greeting. “You're taking the new assignment in stride, Ambassador Lumalio,” he observed.

“What would you have me do? Argue the decisions of the council? I can see no fault with their choice.” She judged the Master's mood and added a decanter of Correllian whiskey to the tray before bringing the tray over and placing it on the table. She set a glass of whiskey across from her for her company before seating herself and pouring the tea. “But I have always held their decisions in high esteem and have had never been given a reason to question it,” the Ambassador allowed the implication to hang in the air between them for a time.

Master Therain appeared shadowed for a time as he sat in the seat across from the Miralan. He picked up the provided glass and took a gulp, feeling the smooth warmth as he tried to figure out what Ambassador Lumalio was getting at. “You've been digging.”

“I like to know what I am up against. I pulled up data from the Gamma Station debacle.” Her voice had lowered and seemed to have an almost sympathetic lilt to it. The tea was carefully placed aside on the table before she slid open a panel in the wooden surface and keyed in an entry into the previously hidden console. The center of the table opened to reveal a holodisplay that shifted up a little as it was activated. Several different scenes were shown in succession as though the Ambassador was scrolling through them looking for a specific point. Most of the compilation focused on the observation of a young woman wearing simple robes with light armoring. At one point she is shown stooped caring for a fallen soldier only to rise to face a Jedi as he walked up behind her. The confrontation in the video dissipates to the next scene shows the same young woman catching up to several Sith that had boarded the station. They had an exchange that was barely captured by the ship and the audio from that part was masked heavily by the sounds of combat but Master Therain still had a reaction to the video despite not being able to see the players in the affair. Upon his reaction, Lumalio stopped the playback and observed the Master across from her as he shot down the rest of his whiskey. “You know... she looks a lot like her mother based on the pictures in the archive. Keeps her hair shorter, but still is quite beautiful.” The Ambassador said softly, consolingly.

“That's why you called for me, to find out if I knew?” He set down the glass and rested his back against the chair.

“In part, you would be correct. I was also hoping for your cooperation. You are going to be important in knowing them I believe. Also I am hoping you convince your old friend Master Aterus to come and advise as well.” She said as she rose to refill the Master's whiskey.

“I have known since the beginning of the assault on Gamma Station. I... thought she had been killed after being taken to be trained as a Sith. I... I remember...” Master Therain, who had seemed so stoic before was now wavering. He took the glass the Ambassador poured for him and stared into it. “That is what you meant about questioning the council.”

“I never said there were no good reasons to question them, I am not blind to the fallibility of all those who are bound to the force that I wouldn't challenge something I deemed wrong. Just that I have yet to be given pause for my own reasons.” She reseated herself and sipped the tea. “You and Master Aterus I think might be able to provide the best insight into the so-called 'Dark Templar'. Also, Major De'andra has been asked to help oversee operations on Nar Shaddaa.”

“Do you think that is wise?” He questioned, but had a feeling that this was a council decision to give the unit a tactical advantage even if it was immoral.

“We shall find that out. Regardless, she deserves to be told at some point.” The tone she used was chiding. She sighs. “Covert sabotage intervention on Nar Shaddaa, We'll try to set up in the Coruscant Sector, I think it would be fitting and the smell isn't as bad there.”
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