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re: [Dark Templar] Sol "Uldran" Vellion


Name: Sol “Uldran” Vellion


Faction: Empire


Age: 25


Sex: Male


Race: Human


Height: 5” 10’


Weight: 200 lbs (With Armor) 140 (Without Armor)


Hair Color: Black


Eye Color: Orange


Body Build: Slim


Scars: Burns along the left side of his face. Internal damage in the lungs (Requires Rebreather + Bio)






Wife: Sicarina Vellion (Deceased 24)

Mother: Felicia Vellion (In Coruscant 45)

Father: Rick Vellion (Republic Soldier 48)




Jedi Master: Xalem Moen(56)

Jedi Knight Rivals: Velius Tetherin (25)

       Leif Bernstein (22)

Sith Master: Darth Frelon (Deceased)


Weapons: One Cathar Honor Sword
      One Lightsaber ( With A Black-Red color)


Alignment: Light Side (Leaning more towards Neutral)




Notable Powers/Feats:


Force Breath: Uldran is able to use the force to sustain his body and cycle oxygen through his body for a brief moment of time whenever he is without his rebreather. The time is dependent on the situation at hand although the longest time he had gone without a rebreather was at least 24 hours in the middle of combat with several soldiers.


Elite Battlemaster: Uldran’s time in the frontlines had helped to develop his style along with being able to predict and quickly recognize movements from other fighting styles. Although he has had extensive weapons training back on Coruscant with his Father, he much prefered using either a vibroblade or a lightsaber. Typically one in each hand so he could technically never be without a weapon.


Equilibrium: The wanderer has spent much of his life wandering between both the light and dark sides of the force often dealing with both philosophies and natures. With a simple shift of his emotions, he can channel both sides of the force to a certain extent. This extent being the further he delves into one side, the other side weakens in proportion.


Heavy Force Resistance: Uldran had spent some time fighting in Oricron as part of the Jedi order before his exiled himself to the Sith. Because of the amount of dark energy and duress he had went through, his body is more resistant towards dealing with force wielders.





Born in Couruscant, Uldran’s life had been a bit of a jumble. With the planet rebuilding itself along with the rise of the prominent gangs there, his family had always moved around trying to avoid trouble. Whenever the boy was able to walk and talk, he had first learned how to defend himself. His father, Rick, had a sense of duty to help bring up their son to try and make sure he can defend himself from the future troubles he might encounter.


This had been integrated into his childhood. Whenever his father wasn’t on active duty and fighting the empire, Uldran would go to school and come back to start physical training. This abnormal lifestyle would push the boy enough to reveal his gift of being able to commune with the force. At first his mother and father wanted him to not become a jedi, but after a bit of persuasion from his future master, they had accepted that their son could do some good in the world.


So Uldran had left to go to a jedi school where he had met with several other kids aspiring to become a jedi like him. The two he could resound with were Velius Tetherin and Leif Bernstein. The three of them nearly became inseparable as they all began to learn about the jedi way along with combat training. Fortunately Uldran’s training has quickly helped him forge his combat senses as he started to hone his skills further. His skills along with demeanor had gotten him attention from Master Xalem Moem. He happened to feel the boy’s potential and had decided to take him underneath his tutelage. So he undertook several trials in Tython and went through each of them with a unique twist.


Uldran’s actions primarily followed the jedi code, but he couldn’t help but question the nature and lifestyle of it. Eventually after several years, Uldran had finally became a Jedi Knight of the order. Although Leif and Velius were still undergoing with their trials, the boy seemed eager to go out and help people. While he wished he could see his father, it would prove fruitful that he was not able to see him at all.


The boy’s first assignment as a knight of the order would be to help repel back the Dread Masters’ forces that have been plaguing several planets. This would be the first time Uldran would be facing off against both the Sith and the Dread Masters’ Forces. When he first got to Oricron, he had arrived to both the Empire and Republic fighting a major front against the Dread Masters. He quickly bolted to the front lines to help assist them in holding it for as long as possible.


The dementia and fear coming from the Dread Fortress would then fill the air as fighting then started to spark amongst the two allied forces. Eventually Uldran would be forced to flee from the scene with his two blue lightsabers as he had to hide for safety. As much as he wanted to help, he didn’t want to be caught in the afflicted fighting. This would cause him to strike out towards both Republic and Empire forces with no regard on who is affected with this dementia or not.


Eventually Uldran was knocked out by a Sith Squad as he ended up being a prisoner on an imperial ship which had stationed towards Darth Frelon. Whenever he was brought up to there, he was brought down to his knees and had a lightsaber held towards his throat. It was his lightsaber. Darth Frelon, a pure-blooded sith, seemed curious on Uldran’s face as he simply just glared him down with a more calm anger. Almost as if he had not deserved to die like this… like some sort of dog.


Frelon had decided to give Uldran a proposal of sorts. Sensing his rage which stirred up like a wildfire, the darth told Uldran to rise. Once he did, he gave Uldran the two lightsabers he had used and told him to fight him. If he could best him in combat, he would be freed and returned back to the Jedi Order. If he lost then he would die a painful death with no honor.


Taking that to heart, Uldran agreed as eventually the Darth pulled out is double-saber and the two of them clashed at each other. Each of them traded blow for blow as neither of them could get a decisive strike. It wasn’t until Uldran had decided to give up a lightsaber in exchange for a win. Uldran was in Juyo form slashing down on Frelon before the man eventually went for an overhead strike. As Frelon went to block it, he moved to cut away at his hand. Hearing a loud slice, the darth would come to find that he had cut off the lightsaber in half. Then he would feel a lightsaber mere centimeters away from his throat. Uldran had stared him down feeling calm and yet distant. Uldran would then put away the lightsaber and began to walk away from the Darth knowing that he would honor his deal.


However Uldran would then come to realize that his actions and his emotions… they were not of Jedi discent. A jedi would have refused to fight and embraced the force… that along with previous circumstances had made the man change his mind. He told the Darth to train him in the dark-side and to welcome him in the empire. Easily accepting the deal, Uldran and Darth Frelon would join in the fight for Oricron alongside the Dark Templars as part of the Empire’s division.


Uldran would come to understand the republic and respect them, but once they asked for him back. The man simply picked up a Cathar Honor Sword and tossed the commander his old lightsaber. The wanderer would tell him to give that to his old master Xalem and to give a message. Once the request was made, Uldran went with the Darth as they trained together and each of them learned.


The philosophies of the Sith made more sense than the Jedi Code to Uldran. However their brutish ways of fully embracing their emotions was something he was not in keen to. He had thought that perhaps he could forge his own version of the force… one in which both sides were welcomed and balanced. He would further refine it as eventually Revan’s army’s had begun to try and revive the emperor in order to fight him. In there, Uldran had fought besides the empire as he would then become a sort of envoy for other parties that were fighting to stop Revan.


Together they had defeated Revan, but had failed to complete their primary objective preventing the emperor's revival. So much so when the dark force was awakened and the earth shook, Uldran had a cave collapse on top of him in an instant along side Darth Frelon. It took several hours to try and find the two of them, but when they did… the empire was not very happy. Uldran’s left side of his face was roughed up from the rocks along with a rock crushing his ribs. Thankfully the force had helped him maintain his body for the most part. Darth Frelon however had died in the collapse.


The next year consisted of Uldran going through multiple operations and having to learn how to use a rebreather since his lungs had been crushed significantly by the collapse. By the time he was active however, he was too late. The Zakulian Empire had surrounded Korriban and Coruscant and eventually ruled over both the Republic and the Imperial Empire. Without any sort of guidance or reason to stay, Uldran roamed for the next five years going from planet to planet trying to find out what he should do in life. He had explored the force and often learning from both light and dark sides about the force.


Eventually Uldran had heard of news of several parties fighting the Eternal Empire. More specifically he had heard of the Dark Templars fighting them to their fullest. With no home and allegiances, he had decided to throw in his lot one more time. This time he would ally with the Dark Templars and hope to explore the mysteries of the force without consequence.

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