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Enalis Nailo

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re: A Shot in the Dark


Planet: Nar Shaadda
Location: Various
Characters: Ravena, possibly Feklost

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I’ve been left out alone like a damn criminal...

The platinum haired assassin stood leaning against a railing over looking the dark depths of the city scape below her. Slowly she inhaled, a soft breeze arching upwards, blowing her shoulder length locks back, a sadistic smirk forming on her delicate features.

...I’ve been praying for help cause I can’t take it all...

She turned to admire her work, an entire safe house engulfed in a raging inferno, the sounds of the speeding craft racing overhead where drowned out by the hellish blaze, the sickening smell of charred flesh wafted through the air.

...I’m not done...

She slipped a cigarette from a compartment on her belt, sparking a match across her thigh, lighting up, inhaling deeply on the cigarette. "Tell me dear Feklost..." she cooed as she exhaled a large cloud of smoke.

...It’s not over...

" revenge an art or a science?" she chuckled flicking the cigarette away as she turned from the carnage, departing into yet another lonesome night of Nar Shaddaa "Or is it a little bit of both my dear?"

...Now I’m fighting this war since the day of the fall...

She lifted the man up with ease, rolling him over her hip and slamming him hard onto the blood soaked table with a loud thud. There was the sickening sound of a cracking bone upon impact "Where is he?!" she yelled, gripping the middleaged man by the collar of his shirt.

"I..I d-don't know what you're talking about Ravena." the stuttered through his pain and fear, his only reward a vicious cross to his cheek.

"Bull shit, I know you've betrayed us, now tell me where is Feklost!"

...And I’m desperately holding on to it all...

"You've got this all wrong Rav, he has deceived you! I swear we didn't betray nobody!." the bomb maker squirmed as the sound of metal being drawn from its sheath echoed through the small lab.

"I don't believe you." Ravena cooed softly into the mans ear as she slowly dragged the flat of Ghost's blade over his chest, she flipped the switch on the handle of the knife, triggering the vibro setting. "I think we need to loosen that tongue of yours." her saphire hued orbs filled with evil intent as she plunged the blade deep into the man's gut, a sadistic grin forming on her face as his screams echoed through the now torture chamber.

...But I’m lost...

"You..psycho...bitch..." the bomb maker stuttered through gasps brought about by the searing pain and globs of blood that he now spat out, soaking his white coat a crimson hue. "He'll get you...every last one of you!"

"Not the answer I'm looking for hun..." Ravena cooed as she angled the blade upwards into the cavity of his ribcage, letting the rapidly pulsing blade shred into his organs even further, producing an even more agonized scream of pain.

...I’m so damn lost...

"Thank you darling." Ravena smirked as she withdrew the blade from the gaping cavity that was now the man's gut, running an armored hand gently across his cheek as she turned to walk away.

"" his sentence was cut short, Ravena spinning on her heal with a lightning fast slash at his throat, the wicked blade ripping through the flesh as if it where little more than tissue paper.

...Oh I wish it was over...

Ravena growled, slamming her fist down onto the table, her glass of brandy falling over, spilling its amber contents onto the bar, the other patrons glaring at her. Another casualty report, another bombing.

...And I wish you were here...

"FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!" Ravena howled as she drove her fist into the alley wall. Howling in frustration she dropped to her knees, hands rising to cling at her golden locks. Passer bys startled by the sudden outburst, glancing once down the alleyway at her before scampering off "I swear I will kill you Feklost!" she shrieked upwards at the cityscape.

...Still I’m hoping that somehow...[center]

"When we meet again, I will end you. Your miserable pathetic existence will be destroyed and I will take your very life from you!" she swore her vow, cursing once more into the night before doubling over, clinging ever tighter to her platinum blonde hair.

[center]...‘Cause your soul is on fire...

That sickening laugh, that mocking laugh, it echoed through her mind, the heat of the flames still remembered upon her pale skin, the roar of the inferno ringing in her ears, and that mocking laughter, never ending, never ceasing as she tossed and turned in her bunk.

...A shot in the dark...

The roar of her rifle, the whizzing heavy plasma bolt fying through the air, banking sharp as the heat took hold of the projectile, the sickening crunch of bone breaking and flesh tearing, followed only by that mocking never ending laughter.

...What did they aim for when they missed your heart?...

The crimson skinned male sprinted off into the darkness, an explosion ripping through the room behind him as the golden haired assassin was sent flying back, she brought her pistol up, firing off several quick shots, only to hear that mocking never ending laughter echoing throughout the darkness, drowning out the raging inferno behind her.

...I breathe underwater...

Ravena woke with a yell, her breathing heavy and labored, her entire top drenched in a deep sweat. Gazing over at the alarm that sat upon the dresser nearest her bed, blinking red numbers reading 03:47.

...It’s all in my hands...

She gazed down at her hands, shaking, trembling from the nightmare.

...What can I do?...

She groaned loudly and buried her face into her palms, her entire body shaking as she struggled to cope.

...Don’t let it fall apart...

Taking several deep and long breaths she focused on her breathing, forcing her body to relax, her heart rate slowed as she slipped into the zen trance of a sniper.

...A shot in the dark...

She glanced over once more at the alarm clock, the crimson letters showing that naught but a couple minutes had passed. Her anger flared once more, howling into the dark she grabbed the clock and flung it as hard as she could, the small device shattering into a hundred pieces on the far wall of her room.

...In the blink of an eye...

Squeezing on the trigger she unleashed a powerful heavy caliber round from her dual-purpose X-52. The massive round ripped the lead gangster's head clean from his torso.

...I can see through your eyes...

The gangsters that had been keeping watch of their leader immediately panicked, ducking for cover behind anything they could find, futile efforts to avert the rain of death.

...As I’m lying awake I’m still hearing the cries...

Ravena smirked as she lined up target after target, felling all that came into her scope with lethal precision. She could easily hear their panicked cries from her perch, as well as the screams of the dying.

...And it hurts...

As the gangsters focused fire onto Ravena's position she quickly scalled down to street level, continuing her massacre of the gang members. They were hardly a challenge for the veteran assassin.

...Hurts me so bad...

Ravena came upon a young man, barely old enough to be called a man, shot through the lower spin, slowly trying to crawl away. She watched him for several long moments, her cold sapphire orbs coming to rest upon his wound as he struggled. Lifting her rifle she aimed, a squeeze of a trigger, a plasma bolt to the back of the head.

...And I’m wondering why I still fight in this life...

Ravena clung tightly to her the barrel of her rifle, hugging the weapon to her chest. She sat on an overhang, legs dangling over the edge, gaze lost on the cityscape below. The laughter refused to leave, nor did the face of that one young boy.

...‘Cause I’ve lost all my faith in this damn bitter strife...

Slowly she rose to her feet, continuing to look down. Would she even be missed she wondered, would it be better this way? How many had died at her hands, how much blood had she spilled? All she saw in her reflection was the very man she so desperately sought to kill, had she become what she hoped to destroy?

...And it’s sad...

She took a step forward, balanced only on one foot, her death would be quick, likely painless.

...It’s so damn sad.

She was about to end it all, when that mocking laughter returned, her eyes snapped open as she quickly jumped back from the ledge "No!" she yelled at the cityscape before her "I am not like you! We are not the same and I -Will- bring you to justice Feklost!"

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"Only I have been both Jedi and Sith, and have found clarity in the force" -Revan

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re: A Shot in the Dark

None of the small room's lights were on. The room itself was a mess. The table on the left was covered in tools, electronics, and blueprints. On the opposite side of the room was a wall covered in photos of people. Underneath each photo were notes that described each person. The floor itself had a few random files here and there but was relativity untouched. Just next to the door was an assassin droid that remained silent and motionless. There was a giant computer in the back of the room that was the only source of light in the room. The dull glow shone down onto a man sitting in a chair in the middle of the room.

The giant display showed a woman tearing one of his bases apart. Bodies fell one after another. Blood covered the men and walls. The woman showed no mercy. A video call came through. It was one of his bomb makers, Don'kar. Ever since they stepped up the operation Feklost had to recruit new members to make his supplies. The product that the product of his followers could not compare to his own but he made do with what he had. Feklost could hear the sound of screams and blasters in the background. The man on the screen was terrified "Sir! She is killing everyone! You have to help us!" He screamed. Feklost simply smiled and asked the man "And why exactly do I 'have' to help you?" the man on the other end looked stunned "Because you promised me protection!" Feklost tilted his head to the left "Did I? I don't seem to recall that. Please give our guest my regards."

Just as he ended the call the building camera feed showed the attacker breaking down the door. Feklost's smile grew wider as he recognized the woman. It was none other than Ravena. He watched as she tortured the man. "Oh how low you sunk my dear girl." He laughed wildly. He turned to the wall of photos and found hers. "How I have longed for another dance with you." He said excitedly.

Fek took out a holo recorder and recorded the simple line “Hello Ravena, my knee feels better. Are you ready to dance?” The recording cut off with him laughing insanely. The coordinates of a warehouse were attached in the package. He placed the holo in a briefcase. He turned to his droid and handed him the package “Give this to 434. He will know what to do then return here.” The droid spun around and left the room. Fek went to work planning their reunion. He was giddy like a child in a toy store. He was deciding where to put guards and traps for his partner. He planned guards, assassin droids, explosives, poison gas and even rooms fill with crazed Nexu. When he was finally satisfied with his plan he packed his weapons and left the room and went straight for the exit of the base. When he got to the exit the door opened to reveal a returning Prijoft. The Sith Lord looked at him “Where are you heading off to?” Feklost’s face broke out into an insane grin “I’m going on a date.” He swept past the hulking man and walked off laughing into the night.

No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks.
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