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re: [Dark Templar] Prodigal Achaeologist, Laesrah Draethus.



   Laesrah Draethus   

photo Laesrah_zpsckum51zb.jpg

Sith Alchemist || Female || 24 || Human

"The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience."


On the surface...




119 lbs.

Hair Color

Raven Black.

Eye Color

Used to be Bright Blue // Currently Milky White.

Body Build



Various scars along her neck, riding slightly up on the right side of her jaw.

Multiple scars across her back.

Saber Color

Violet Outline with Ebon core.


Public History


Alessa Draethus: Mother [Deceased]

Bordrik Draethus: Father [Deceased]

Zumcom Draethus: Brother [Republic General]


Lord Yarvos Teldric: Killed in Zakuulan War.

Known Strengths

Sith Alchemy: Perhaps her strongest style of using the Force, Laesrah is highly talented in biological studies blending with the Force. Although she hasn't created any creatures, Laesrah has used this knowledge and her own talents to deconstruct Sith Abominations on the spot, an invaluable talent as she hunts for Sith Artifacts during most her free time.

Force Sight: With the loss of her eyes, Laesrah has used her strong ties to the Force to see it like very few can, including the Miraluka. She is able to 'see' the aura a being gives off, allowing her to read true emotions, how strong the figure is, and even 'tease' the aura, to make the victim uneasy (a trick that only works on a weaker Force User). For the most part though, this is just how Laesrah sees.

Reflexes: In spite of her 'hindered vision', Laesrah has shown extremely fast relfexes- even among the Sith- although this is only good for dodging and blocking, it has little use to her on the offensive.

Flexibility: Laesrah- once she's abandon her robes and 'flashy' attire- can be extremely nimble and flexible, allowing her to creep around or into places most couldn't, with little- if any- reliance on the force. Of course this strait is lesser known, as she tries to keep her secrets on how she gets through tombs so easily.


Known Flaws

Saber Dueling: It's no secret that Laesrah's saber skills need work, although not the worst duelist, she falters where others shine- falling back to her talents in the Force (Force Lightning or Force Projections). That said, she can still defend herself, but her style leaves her open on the offensive.

Sightless: Laesrah has no choice but to see through the Force, and although this unlocks another layer of sight most could only dream of... it also hinders her. Seeing through the Force, Laesrah cannot read data-pads, or see creatures void of the Force, along with various other flaws. That said, she can work certain mechanics with enough time to 'feel them out', but it's much slower than if she could see.

Anti-Social: Most Sith hate anything living, and thus become cruel and aggressive... Laesrah took a different route, abandoning social behavior and chances to live near ruins and carcasses- spending much more time around bones, dust, and ruins than she has people. This leaves some gaps in her social talents, as well as willingness to work with others.

Curiosity: Laesrah is always hunting for knowledge, be in Dark or Light, Ancient, or relatively recent- she wants to know as much as her mind can fit... for what reason she doesn't share. This can be considered a strength, but it also lands her in a great deal of trouble- be it facing down Sith monstrosities from an age forgotten, or digging through the history of a still existing Mandalorian Clan- her back is put against the wall constantly thanks to her hunger for knowledge.


Popular Feat(s)

Laesrah isn't a very popular Sith, in fact you'd be hard pressed to find anyone in the entire Galaxy (barring the Templars and her fallen Master) that would know about her beyond 'the woman in the black robe'. That said, her 'feat' is quite popular, and extremely controversial- falling among two groups: Those that want to smother Revan's ties to the Empire, and those that think he was right, or at least on the right track... Laesrah overcame challenges in six tombs on the surface of Korriban, gathering irrefutable evidence that Revan not only was on Korriban, but he was a member in the Academy before it's chaotic reformation and fall. This evidence, and the relics involved were taken by the Dark Council and Laesrah was sent off Korriban as a Sith- allowed to find what she wanted... Most think the Council hoped she'd get killed as her find was covered up so well the evidence is lost to time once again.




Public Bio
Born as the second and youngest child of the Draethus family on Ziost, Laerah was much quicker than her brother (Zumcom) to show a connection to the Force, worse yet it was rooted in the Dark Side- due to Ziost's influence- as it's first showing nearly killed a local lawman scolding her for skipping schooling... Laesrah was quickly submitted to the Academy on Korriban. Her 'application' had not only her incident, but any incidents Zumcom had caused tied to it, so they could save Zumcom from going to Korriban... A week after her departure, Zumcom left Ziost in disgust- never to be seen by his family again... On Korriban, Laesrah showed her ties to the Force in spades as she harnessed her innate ability with Force Lightning... few things could par up or stand in her way with the impressive display. She felt like the most powerful woman in the Galaxy, snuffing out challenge after challenge... that was until another Acolyte attacked her, and she killed the boy. Her would-be Master attacked her, striking her blind and leaving the various scars she carries today... Most would have given in, but there was a fire in her heart and the woman continued on- going into relative hiding on the planet's surface to try and learn a new way to survive, and she did... As time went on the girl came out of hiding as a new creature, boldly returning to her Master for a second chance- he gave her a simple mission: Bring back something that could shake the Empire to it's Core, or never return... Laesrah did not fail, bringing back a slew of objects and evidence that the Dark Council itself feared-- Her Master raised her to Sith, and she was sent out at 17 to a viscous Galaxy.

Laesrah spent the better part of seven years in isolation, starting small as she dug up minor artifacts, sending important finds to the Empire, and keeping minor finds for herself- she dove deeper and deeper into isolation from the Empire, Republic, and most other factions, spending a great deal of time studying the cultures of the Sand-People and Jawa of Tattooine, the historical myths of Hoth, and even chasing ancient theories of Ioketh (and it's ties to Corusant) before the discovery of the planet-structure... Laesrah dove so deep into isolation that she managed to avoid the brunt of the Dread Wars, the rise of Revan, destruction of Ziost, and war against Zakuul... That said, she wasn't completely oblivious to the fact, having stopped in various settlements, she'd hear about the Wars going on, news of Ziost, and she even bore witness to a Zakuulan attack on Tattooine-- refusing to involve herself.


Other Info

Theme Song(s): Sacrifice by Zella Day. [ ]

(Inspiring Image by Aikurisu)


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