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re: Darth Phantos, Ghost of Twilight


Faction: Dark Templar
Name: Tiirada
Age: Actual age unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Pureblood
Height: 193 cm
Weight: 74.84 kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Body Build: voluptuous and athletic
Scars: none known
Family: None known living.
   Father: Darth Dreadnos (unconfirmed deceased)
   Mother: Lord Phantas (confirmed deceased)
   Darth Dreadnos (master)
   Lord Phantos (master)
   Lord Avarine (apprentice, "confirmed" deceased)
Sabre Color: Gold
Alignment: Gray, leaning towards Dark

Notable Powers
   Unorthodox Masteries: Tiirada is an expert at coming up with unexpected and oftentimes unusual solutions to problems. Where others see an impassible wall, she sees a new tool or ally.
   Force Sustainment: Tiirada does not require food, water, or even air to continue living, her connection to the Dark Side enabling her to draw sustenance for as long as she needs to do so to survive.
   Dark Side Sorceries: Before her fall from grace, Tiirada had gained a frightful mastery over the techniques of the Dark Side and could use them to devastating effect.
   Saber Storm: Hidden within her robes, Tiirada hides a large number of extra lightsabers. Should the situation call for it, she is capable of ceasing motion and using all simultaneously via the Force and creating a network of blades surrounding her, leaving little she does not want left standing. This ability has never been seen used.
   Juggernaut Body: As mighty as the Sith's connection to the Force is, living, meditating, and fighting in extreme conditions have made her as physically able as even the most powerful of Mandalorians. Wounds able to be dealt to her only fuel her Force abilities to greater heights and her tolerance to extreme conditions and climates seemingly knows no bounds. That said, she is not immortal and will require time to heal if something is able to injure her.
   Phantom: Tiirada's time on Hoth allowed her to learn new abilities in stealth and hiding, seemingly fading from existence even while you still look at her. She is able to hide her presence in the Force  to the point that she is unnoticable to even the strongest of Sensitives; so much so that she remains hidden even in plain view. Those who she does not want to see her simply don't.
   Hibernation: Tiirada is capable of entering a form of self-imposed stasis that slows her bodily functions to the point of stopping, granting the apperance of death. This is another ability that has never been seen used.
   Tràkata: Tiirada's preferred combat style is a strange lightsaber form that deals with deactivating and then reactivating the saber while in use, allowing the user to bypass blocks and set foes off balance both mentally and physically. When used with her Saber Storm, it becomes almost impossible to tell where or when a blade will strike.

   Tiirada was born to a Sith Darth and Lord that let their passions take them down predictable paths. The Darth the father and the Lord the mother, the young pureblood's early life was as grueling as the Tattooine deserts. Expecting the same perfection they expected from their best agents and operatives, she did not live the life of priveledge one would have expected of her. As a 'gift' for her sixteenth birthday, she was sent to the academy on Korriban to claw her continued existence out of the unforgiving world's rocks and tombs.
   Growing to be as savage as the beasts she contended with, she cared little for the academy's rules, and only barely kept from getting crushed by the headmasters' wrath. At the end of her trials, she alone stood before the arriving Lord who came to claim her apprentice, only to find herself sick to her stomach by the appearance of the very woman who made her mere existence a fight from the time she emerged from the womb. Taking it in stride, she learned what she could from her mother, a bestial cunning allowing her to outshine the other prospective 'favorites' her mother seemed to prefer over her.
   Others  had accidents happen, their missions were failed, and by the time she was nineteen she had gone from vying with others over her own mother's affection to being the only survivor. She enjoyed this life for a time, finally having a, albeit terribly dysfunctional, loving family. That is until the other shadow of her past loomed over her. Another 'birthday present', her father returned to her life on her 20th birthday and offered her what she craved most; power and knowledge. The cost of this gift was to kill her mother and take her place as his apprentice. The woman seemed torn by this, but ultimately relented, killing her mother in her sleep and taking her place as the new Lord Phantos. To hide this from the world, Darth Dreadnos sent her on a mission into the Unknown Regions for a Sith artifact that would help hide her identity.
   It was months of searching, tailing leads, and blundering into dead ends, but the new Lord Phantos came upon a hidden enclave worshipping a worn mask in the dark of a cave. Killing all inside to make sure nobody came for her later she took the Mask of Darth Nihilus and claimed it for her own, donning it returning to her father on Dromund Kaas. She slid into her mother's place easily enough; both Phantos and Dreadnos had come to despise each other in recent months, so the antagonistic relationship suited somebody she hated utterly just fine.
   The next while was trying to say the least. Whispers followed her every step and she would snap at accolytes and apprentices for words never said. She kept to her quarters and only emerged when summoned. She was mostly withdrawn from the galaxy and her madness was largely unknown. Then as quickly as it set in, she was seemingly normal. Or as normal as she could be, but she was substantially quieter than most remembered. She always had some tome with her and when she wasn't moving, she was reading and studying. Despite her constantly growing knowledge, her power seemed to weaken by the day, the ripples in the Force caused by her presence diminishing little by little until in disgust her father went into her chambers where all was quiet for several long hours.
   The next morning he would be seen emerging from Phantos's chambers to return to his own for the last time. Falling upon his bed he ceased moving, long cold and dead. The usual investigations were held, rumors flew, and accusations were whispered in dark corners. Did Darths just die for no reason? What happened to the man? No answers were to be had, even from questioning the woman who seemed to be most likely to have been the culprit. Lack of evidence and a power vacuum sucked her along, inheriting her father's title and claiming his resources as her own.
   The unsettling woman watched the trials of acolytes for months afterwards, seeking an apprentice of her own, the machinations in her head carefully guarded from all by measured movements and cautious words. Taking a girl named Avarine as her Apprentice, she was more measured in her teachings than her parents; some would even say less barbaric, choosing a softer, more subtle methodology. The girl grew cunning over the course of years, ferreting out secrets and discovering things she was never meant to.
   As it seemed was Phantos's fate, her birthday once again showed that it held no love of her, and her Apprentice, now Lord Avarine, discovered Phantos had been studying the lore and code of their enemies; the Jedi Order. Her intentions ignored, she brought together other Lords and Darths to bring Darth Phantos's mansion and schemes to the ground, setting it ablaze and killing all within.
   It was humbling for Phantos having her Apprentice strip her of everything, making her choose between new beliefs and political power she had built up over her lifetime and leaving that Apprentice in her place as a charred husk that would give only the faintest traces of proof that the heretic had been destroyed. Some didn't believe that Darth Phantos would be so easily killed, and soon she became a boogeyman of sorts; a terrifying legend of what happens to those who dabble in the light to some, and to others an even more terrifying ghost that might return to haunt them at any second for their part in her destruction.
   She withdrew quietly from their games instead, retreating to the isolation and quiet of Hoth to meditate and piece together more of her new philosophies.

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