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re: [Dark Templar] Sibyl De'Kater, The Exiled Noble


Faction: Dark Templar

Name: Sibyl Aurora De’Kater

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Height: 5”5’

Weight: 115 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

Body Build: Slender, fit

Scars: Left Cheek


Mother: Mavia De’Kater (Mavia Amherst)

Father: Lord Karreb De’Kater

Older Sister: Ariella

Younger Sister: Aleina


Master: Cain (Deceased - K.I.A. in Ziost first response)

Sabre/Blaster Color: Black-Purple

Alignment: Dark-Grey

Notable Powers:

  • Genius - Sibyl holds an incredible intellect, while she may be crass and lack some of the social poise of others, she is incredibly sharp and cunning and pushes the forefront in multiple fields of scientific study.

  • Alchemist- Sibyl has an innate understanding of Sith Alchemy, combined with her intelligence she has had multiple breakthroughs in the art including the creation of the alloy Kerrabos, an alloy that with the alchemical process is cheap and easy to produce but yields a material far lighter and far stronger than Durasteel

  • Skilled Swordsman- Sibyl is a master of Form VII Juyo combat, a perfect match her aggressiveness on the battlefield, she has additionally incorporated elements of form V Shien to aide in her defensive capabilities whilst not hindering aggression. She is capable of taking multiple opponents at once and focuses on battlefield effectiveness. However; when dueling in a one on one scenario, whilst skilled and better than most, she is not renowned for dueling prowess. On occasion she will study alongside Enalis’s apprentices to further her knowledge of the lightsabre arts.

  • Pyrokinesis- Utilizing her skill in Sith Alchemy, Sibyl has managed to fuse force telekinesis and force fire into a singular form, creating powerful fire imbued force abilities and summoning pyroclastic storms, flows, and blasts.

  • Force Lightning- Sibyl can summon and maintain force lightning, while difficult for her, with the right preparations she can summon a lightning storm.

  • Sibyl has fought and learned alongside some of the greatest military minds the galaxy has to offer, especially that of Prilloth and Enalis. Having served in multiple wars now she developed an array of unorthodox tactics.Whilst not having the experience that Enalis and others have in traditional warfare, Sibyl has perfected the arts of sabotage, guerrilla warfare, and devising ways to cripple enemy forces.

  • Sibyl is the commander of the 4th Legion- a light, mobile, and fast response team specializing in hit and run tactics, recon, first response, and intelligence gathering.



The De’Kater  bloodline is a long and powerful one. As a force-sensitive family, many have ascended to become Dark Council members and others accomplished Dark Lords of the Sith. Lord Karreb was expected to rise in power as his predecessors; though his success was suppressed on Alderaan where he met his wife, Mavia. Sent to Alderaan during the Galactic Civil War, he fought alongside Darth Malgus, gaining him the title of War Hero.


Mavia lived a privileged life, catered to by servants and attendants. Her studies included diplomacy, intrigue and espionage amongst other talents . As allies to the Ulgo family, she sought to elevate her status when the Imperials invaded Alderaan. She instantly made her impression on Lord Karreb and before too long, they were married and had three beautiful girls.


Ariella, the first born, took after her mother in the ways of diplomacy. Aleina, the youngest, was the love child of a powerful affair. Sibyl, being the middle child, suffered the most familial hardships. She always spoke her mind and often corrected those whom she felt were in the wrong. This led to many arguments with her mother. One night, Mavia had enough and conspired with her confidant.


“She has no class, no poise. What am I supposed to do with her?”

“M’lady, she’s different. The force, it’s like it radiates from her..”

“I don’t care what she is. She’s no use to me. Not like Ariella.”

“Then may I suggest send her to Korriban? She cannot interfere with your intentions there.”

“Hmm… Yes… Korriban. Brilliant. I shall confer with my dearest husband at once.”


The ride to Korriban was a silent, but anxious one. Sibyl, only twelve at the time, had been meditating throughout the trip. There was an alert on the holocom. “Destination: Korriban. Status: Landed.” She opened her eyes and let out a deep sigh. She gathered her things and met with her escort on the landing pad. There stood four armed guards, her father, Overseer Tycho, a proven servant to the De’Kater family, and Darth Cain, a long-time family friend.


Though she was given many challenges, it was obvious she was favorited. She was personally trained by members of the Dark Council, participated in off-world hunts with powerful military officials, and many lessons by influential Sith Inquisitors. This was to great effect as Sibyl became an accomplished Acolyte. With her extensive training, she surpassed all other Acolytes. All except for one; a slave from some planet not even Sibyl had heard of. Time and time again they would be put up against each other and he would prove himself each time. This infuriated Overseer Tycho. To make matters even worse, Sibyl took a liking to this slave, seeing how naturally talented and intelligent he was. It felt like Overseer Tycho was doing everything in his power to get rid of this rising Acolyte… Aeron.


Months passed as Sibyl and Aeron developed a relationship as rivals. They would essentially grow up together on Korriban. In their final days on the Sith homeworld, they prepared for their final challenge. Much to the surprise of Sibyl, Aeron tells her that he has a death match with Overseer Tycho. She knew Overseer Tycho was a bit malicious, but never thought he would go that far as to kill Aeron himself. She pleaded with Tycho to give him another challenge, but to no avail. All she was met with was a cold gaze. “It must be done.”


Sibyl, now distraught over knowing Aeron, with whom she had unconsciously taken a deeper liking to, was going to die, used her anger to her advantage in her final challenge. This was nothing special, as she would challenge a fellow Acolyte. A few strokes and the duel was over. She had unleashed all her anger upon him.


Sibyl came to realize the next day that she had woefully underestimated the skill and power of Aeron. Like her own duel, it was over in a matter of seconds. No one could have expected this outcome. All she could do was stare at him with a giant smile.


With Aeron off to Apprentice under Darth Reginald, she too would leave Korriban, under Darth Cain.


Family matters had heated since Sibyl left Korriban. Her mother, Mavia, had another child, though it was not a boy as Lord Karreb had hoped. Though this was not the main concern. Mavia had been looking for another outlet of power and had gotten quite close to a member of the Dark Council, Darth Proditione, much to the account of Karreb, being of the De’Kater family. It was rumored that this child was indeed not conceived by Karreb. She had to move quickly. One wrong move could collapse her own plan of fortune and power. In collusion with her new power body in the Dark Council, she would have Karreb murdered along with all of his associates and any who supported him.


Sibyl was deeply entrenched in the forests of Dromund Kaas, collecting data on the local wildlife when she came upon a troop of Imperials. Instantly she could sense something was amiss. She quickly introduced herself as a Lord of the De’Kater family. This seemed only to aggravate the situation as they opened fire. Conflicted on what to do, she drew her lightsaber and defended herself. As she examined the massacre, she heard from a distance, “Revanite conspirator confirmed.” Confused, she followed the voice, but it was gone. Her holo lit up and a warning of a defector in the area with her picture came up. Revanite? Conspirator? What was going on? She held up in a nearby cave and tried to contact Darth Cain. No response. She tried to contact her father and was met with the same. Reluctantly, she contacted her mother. She answered, but with a cackle as she told Sibyl that she was done for. Her father was dead, all of his known associates were being hunted down as they spoke, and Darth Cain was missing. Sibyl was branded a traitor to the Empire by her own mother, who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted.


Lost, afraid, and emotionally crippled, she wandered the forests. She just wanted to get away. She wandered for what seemed like hours when she came across a familiar face. “...Aeron?” She stumbled before him, trying to explain what’s going on and that she needed to go. “Go where?” He asked.

“Anywhere but here.”


In her flustering, Aeron was trying to explain something to Sibyl. She paid no attention until name “Revanites” snapped her attention. She was already being hunted by the Empire and she had no one else to turn to. What choice did she have?


Siding with Aeron, she tried to wrap her mind around what was going on. “Come, my child, do not be afraid.” She turned to see another man, quite older, in tattered black and red robes. “Prilloth Kallikord” Aeron said. This new character nodded in greeting. “No time for niceties, though. We have company.” Forces from Aeron’s master came in full speed. The three quickly dispatched each one, getting closer and closer to the space dock. Eventually they faced Darth Reginald himself. Aeron showed no mercy, even when bribed.


Aboard Aeron’s Fury Class Interceptor, they fled to Hutta.


Sibyl meditated as much as she could on the way to Hutta, trying to piece together her life as it seemed to have all fallen apart in just a day. She was an enemy to the Empire. Her father and all of his friends and supporters are dead. Cain is nowhere to be found, presumably dead as well. The only person she has now is Aeron, but she didn’t even really have him, the man she grew up beside had cast aside his old identity for a new one, claiming rebirth and that Aeron too was dead. He talked of force unification and Revan. As she knew she could no longer return to the Empire, she entertained this new way of thinking; utilizing both the light and the dark side of the force.


Hatred turned to ambition as she slowly immersed herself into this force unification. At the command of Prilloth, both Sibyl and Aeron would enter the gladiatorial combat pits under the guise of slaves under a non-force sensitive exiled Sith. This facade would yield all the credits they would need to establish themselves. Little did she know that from here she would be a significant part in the creation of a new empire; The Dark Templar.

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