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re: Darth Gevren / Is'ren Dirven - Imperial Dossier


<Encryption code>
<Code accepted>
<Access granted>

Name: is'ren Divern

Titles or Alias: Darth Gevren

Place of Birth: Zakuul

Dead or Alive: Presumed Dead

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Eye color: Silver

Hair: Black

Height: 5'10


Medical Conditions:

Date: (After the retake of korriban) Mr. Divern seems to have unique silver eyes and a innate ability to channel the force. We tried to pry information out of him to figure out if he works for the republic nothing was found out. We allowed Mr.Divern to continue under sith supervision on korriban. 

Date: (After the strike on rishi) This entry is coroners report of one Darth Gevren of the sith order. During his assistance during the risihi outbreak his warship was found destroyed in the planets orbit. We assume this to be a act by other sith to take his position. A body was not found.

Blood Type: O+

Possible Allies: Sith order , Zakuul [Speculated](Note added)

 Note granted by: Lady Millera of the sith order - After the strikes against zakuul me and the other lords have agreed that Darth Gevren might have been feeding zakuul knowledge of the sith order to zakuul to prepare for there strike against the empire.  

Occupation: Sith

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: During his life with the sith order Darth Gevren has shown many people that he can be cunning yet brutal when needed. 


<Enter New encryption code>
<Code accepted>
<Access granted>

It seems you have both codes granted by our associate this final addition is to cover the recent additions to the file that id rather keep out of the hands of the remains of the empire.   

Name: is'ren Divern

Place of Birth: Zakuul

Titles or Alias: Darth Gevren, Zakuul Knight Is'ren 

Dead or Alive: Alive


Id like this information to keep out of the hands of many sith if you wish to contact him do so at your own risk. Im sure he would rather keep his sith background dead. Last i heard of him he was a knight hunting both sith and jedi on the outer rim planets.

Keep safe 


End transmission

 <Powering down>



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