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Enalis Nailo

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re: [Dark Templar] Morrigon Nailo, The Reapers Harbringer


Faction: Dark Templar

Name: Morrigon Nailo

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race:  Human

Height: 5'4''

Weight: 125

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Emerald

Body Build: Slim yet athletic.

Scars/Tattoos: To honor her master she had the same tattoo placed over her right eye. Several minor scars from lightsaber wounds adorn her body. She sports many other tattoos marking her accomplishments and devotion to the Dark Templar.


  • Mother- Deceased
  • Father- Deceased


  • Master - Enalis Nailo
  • Apprentice - None Taken

Sabre/Blaster Color: Morrigon wields a black-core crystal in each of her sabres. One red the other blue.

Alignment:  Dark-Grey

Notable Powers:

  • Being Enalis's and still primary apprentice Enalis has taken far more time and given far more attention to her over his other apprentices. She has shown a proclivity for swordsmanship and martial combat and like her master has quickly grasped the principles and concepts of the art of fighting and warfare. She is trained in the traditional seven schools of lightsabre combat and has been extensively trained in Enalis's Dai Maru fighting style.
  • Morrigon has studdied extensively in the Echani martial arts under Enalis's tutelage. She is one of only a handful of people within the Dark Templar to meet and even be trained by the Force Witch Jelzetta.
  • Like her master she has developed a cunning mind, she has shown to have a natural talent for tactics and developing unique strategies on the fly. Unlike her master though she lacks battlefield experience. She additionally has had political courses from Prilloth.
  • Morrigon processes a great strength in the force, though her youth and temper have kept her from realizing her true potential thus far, opting for brute displays of force rather than developing finesse with her powers. She longs to master the use of Force Fire as her master has.
  • Offset Sabres - Dai Maru is built around a single lightsabre, the sheer strength and power displayed in this form requires specialized sabres to do so as well. Wiith her light form and preference for dual wielding it became impossible for Morrigon to train in the unique style as the cross-guard design was to cumbersome to dual wield. Morrigon adapted and forged a pair of lightsabres with an offshoot jet of plasma to compensate for the overcharged energies whilst also allowing her dual wield. Her martial genius came into play as she took the highly advanced style of Dai Maru and adapted to dual sabre combat.
  • Morrigon is being groomed to become the sub-commander of the 7th legion, and perhaps one day the Imperator of the Dark Templar. She has spent the majority of her life at the 7th Legion's stronghold on Tattoine where she has been extensively trained. This lead to the young warrior becoming agitated and longing for a chance to prove herself- she was granted command of a small company within the 7th Legion as a chance to prove her abilities. Most of the action she has seen has been fighting Sand People and Exchange forces, with only a few off word missions, Morrigon has thusfar proven to be a capable, albeit aggresive, commander.

Bio: Coming Soon.


"Only I have been both Jedi and Sith, and have found clarity in the force" -Revan
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