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re: [Dark Templar] Etryan Duskat, The Haunted Scholar


Faction: Dark Templar
Name: Etryan Duskat
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'0
Weight: 230 lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Orange-tinted Brown
Body Build: Large frame
Scars: Burns around his hands from when he was in training
Family: Long since left behind (see bio)
Masters/Apprentices: (M)Enalis, prior to initial departure from the Templar
Sabre/Blaster Color: Black-Orange
Alignment: Revanite


A true Lord is created, not merely birthed into power. : 



The truth of the matter is, no matter one’s beginnings, power and strength can always be taken by those willing to do what is necessary. The weak, brittle-minded masses exist simply because no one told them what vast potential resided within them. If just one of these beings…these sentient corpses…would truly awaken, the wealth of power available to it would be staggering. And if this newly-awakened consciousness were to take the power in front of it, harness it as it’s own, and unleash it as it wished, the universe would shape around it. The very fabric of civilization would be utterly controlled, steered only as this one would see fit. And if that one were to contain an extra spark, a mere glimmer of The Force, there would be nothing to stop it. 


Etryan Minduskan, heir to no dynasty and born to nothing. The child, born of the masses, came into the world the same as all others. Etryan spent his early life on Nar Shaddaa, living a meager existence with his parents, attempting to make a life for themselves but never truly getting anywhere. It was in this environment that Etryan began to see the world in a darker light, watching his family and all those around him starve, while those above him were able to live easily, growing fat off their wealth. He saw those who had found the consciousness. Etryan watched as the lines grew deeper between the masses and those who rose above. His greatest lesson was taught to him during his time here. He began to truly observe the rich upper class society, trying to discover just what it was that allowed them to live such an easy life. He wanted to become one with the consciousness, as well. What he saw altered his view on most everything. It wasn't that these people were more physically sound, nor were they smarter. The only difference was that they all had access to more information. If they had a problem, there was a solution readily available. These ordinary people would reach out and take what was around them. He understood his first lesson. With knowledge comes power. 


Shortly after this discovery, it was uncovered that Etryan was sensitive to the Force. He had the extra spark he would need to become truly great. He had no excessive natural talent in wielding this newfound skill, though he was sent to Korriban all the same to begin his training. Though he struggled at the start of his training, his studies paid off quickly as he advanced quickly through the academy's trials, eventually becoming a full member of the Sith Empire. Showing more strength with the Force than in hand to hand combat, Etryan rose quickly as an Inquisitor, wielding the Force as an extension of his self and traveling throughout the galaxy. 


As he traveled, he learned many things, always sticking to his philosophy; With knowledge comes power. Never was this philosophy more evident than his time on Dromund Kaas. While visiting and studying the native animal life, he stumbled across a faction of Sith known as the Revanites. They were an unusual group, to be certain. Believing in a unified Force, rather than a Dark and Light side, the Revanites stood apart from both groups. They sought to follow the ways of Revan, a paragon of both the Light and the Dark, yet never truly owing allegiance to either. Upon observing their ways, he began to realize that they had similar ideals and values. He sought to become one of their order, taking place in their trials, and working towards earning their trust until he could eventually own the title of Revanite. 


Upon joining the Revanites, Etryan was no longer openly welcome among the larger Sith Empire. Knowing this, he began to travel incognito as much as possible, concealing his loyalties whenever he had to enter a region that was strongly under the influence of the Sith Empire. Despite his subdued state, Etryan was still able to recognize a kindred soul when he saw it. This was the case when he was introduced to Enalis Nailo. Trusting in his instincts, he came when called to meet with Enalis Nailo. Upon meeting with Enalis, Etryan was invited to join his organization, thus allowing him to continue his studies. This was where Etryan was meant to be.


With Knowledge Comes Power:

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