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Enalis Nailo

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re: [Dark Templar] Enalis Nailo, The Eternal Warrior


Faction: Dark Templar
Name: Enalis Nailo
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 190lbs without armor. Close to 300 with armor and gear.
Hair Color: Raven Black
Eye Color: Emerald
Body Build: Athletic and Muscular
Scars/Tattoos: Many scars from numerous battles, most visible being a lightsaber gash across his right eye. He also sports a tattoo over that same eye, a mark from the time he was a slave on Korriban, and a plethora of tattoos across his body.


  • Mother- Deceased
  • Father- Jedi Master Aterus
  • Sister- Serina Nailo aka Agent Thorn 


  • Sith Master- Darth Renigald - Deceased
  • Advisor/Mentor- Prilloth Kalakord
  • Mentor- Jelzetta
  • Main Apprentice - Morrigan Nailo (Adopted last name as a sign of devotion) -Training Completed
  • Secondary Apprentices- Dimitrius, Rasputin, Aleksi, and Mikhail. Four incredibly powerful brothers Enalis took under his wing.

Sabre/Blaster Color: Black core with red outer glow for all his sabers and blasters.
Alignment: Dark-Grey
Notable Powers: 

  • Master swordsmen who has mastered all seven lightsaber forms; this level of skill lead to Enalis creating his own style of saber fighting, Dai Maru, which he now educates his personal apprentices in, all of whom have shown some propensity for saber combat. This personalized style draws from all seven forms, though features many of the aggressive tendencies of the Juyo and Ataru froms, allowing practitioners to easily generate momentum in battle, whilst using Makashi and Soresu to protect the user from most conventional counters to the more aggressive forms. He has been described by some, as the perfect swordsman.
  • A master of the Echani martial arts, Enalis' deep understanding of martial arts allowed him to quickly learn and become a master of the unarmed combat forms. Training under the Force Witch Jelzetta in secret, few know the deepness of his knowledge in martial combat, be it hand to hand, or saber to saber.
  • Kinetic Tempest relic- A relic that sits within his lightsaber, when activated it creates a gravity well within his blade, which allows his lightsaber to tear wounds open after being cauterized shut, increasing the lethality as well as allowing for bloody and gory wounds.
  • Having also spent time leading special forces, both as Sith for the Empire, as well as his own Dark Templar and Excellion forces, Enalis has developed skills across a wide array of conventional weaponry such as blasters, blaster rifles, sniper rifles, and various vibro blades.
  • He is also a skilled tactician and a veteran of many battles, including the Dread Wars. Additionally, a survivor and student of Prilloth Kalakord. These experiences have developed Enalis' cunning and guile in addition to providing him with a wide study of battlefield tactics.
  • While strong in the force, Enalis has focused more on battlefield effectiveness, utilizing his strength in harnessing the force to improve his combat effectiveness, often through speed and strength augmentation. While he is able to harness force energies to create energy projectiles, force lightning, and even volatile explosions(Force Fire) around him, grander rituals and more intensive powers, while capable, prove to be quite more of a struggle. Powers like Force Wind, Wither, and Death Fields are near impossible for Enalis to conjure on his own within battle. Enalis has shown a degree of skill in using the Force in the healing arts, though much of this is self-taught.
  • Enalis is the commander of the 7th legion and the accompanying 7th fleet. A heavy assault force, the 7th legion is composed of the most fanatically loyal members of the Dark Templar order. The 7th Legion has seen combat all over the galaxy against the Empire, Republic, Pirates, Hutt Cartel, Zakkul, Mandalorians, and many more. The 7th Legion has played critical roles in the Hutt Cartel's uprising, the Dread Wars, The alliance against Revan, and of course the invasion of Zakkul. Often called the Bloody Seventh, the 7th legion has seen some of the most brutal fighting the Dark Templar have ever been involved in, often the spearhead of the Dark Templar assaults, Enalis will often personally will lead his men into the fray. The 7th Legion is the largest of the Dark Templar forces and boasts the largest accompanying fleet..


Bio: The bastard son of a Jedi, Enalis, born Aeron, was destined for a hard life. The eldest by mere minutes, he is the twin brother to Serina. Enalis, Serina, and their mother lived on a small planet on the edge of Hutt and Imperial space, a neutral farming world. As tensions began to rise between Empire and Republic once again, the fearful young mother reached out to the Jedi whom she had fallen in love with, the Jedi who had promised to return for her. As this young woman contacted the Jedi council, and through them Jedi Master Aterus, she was shocked and heartbroken when the Jedi whom she had shared herself with wholly rejected her, ignoring her pleas for help, claiming ignorance in who she was and writing her off as a crazed woman in delirium seeking to saddle these fatherless kids with her ideal of the perfect man.

            It would not be long before the young mother’s premonition would come true, within months of her beloved Jedi rejecting her, the Empire showed its colors. A small invasion force lead by a cruel and sadistic Darth laid waste to the planet. Millions perished in the short lived “war” with the Empire, including the young mother, leaving the still very young twins orphans on a war torn world. Sparred from the mass executions due to their force sensitivities, Aeron and Serina were taking into custody and separated from each other, even children as young as they knew they would likely never see each other again, if they themselves were to survive.

            Imperial Law states that all individuals with force sensitivity, slave or noble birth, most report to Korriban for immediate training in the Sith Arts. It is this law that spared the young Aeron his life. A member of a conquered people, Aeron’s place in the Empire was that of almost the lowest of slaves, all that which was beneath him where those unfortunate slaves to be born non-human within the Empire. Without time to mourn the loss of his mother, his sister, or his home, Aeron was thrust into the life of the Sith, with a stacked deck against him. For the next twelve years of his life, Aeron was subjected to the horrors of Korriban, but for all the sorrow and death that surrounded the young boy, he would become strong and demonstrate a propensity for combat and a grasp of the force few had ever seen before. He was quick to learn the doctrine of the Sith and disposed of his rivals with cunning lethality. Against all odds, the slave-acolyte was drawing the attention of powerful dark lords, much to the dissatisfaction of his overseer.

            Overseer Tycho, a corrupt deviant of a man, and longtime pawn to the powerful De'Kater family, a distinguished family of Sith reaching back generations, had Aeron assigned to him the very first day of the boy was old enough to begin the official trials. Already behind by a few months, Aeron quickly became Tycho’s favorite target and subject of many a cruel ploy. Overseer Tycho took it upon himself to stack the deck against all his acolytes save for one, the youngest and potentially greatest member of the De'Kater family, Sibyl. The young girl quickly became the Overseer’s pet, enjoying the best that the Sith Academy had to offer, personalized lessons with members of the Dark Council, sanctioned off world hunts with dignitaries, and lessons from the greatest military minds the Empire could offer. Despite this preferential treatment, time and time again Aeron would prove his mettle and superiority in combat, skill, and philosophy; not to the discredit of Sibyl, who nearly equaled the young boy’s skill, but more a demonstration of the natural ability that lay within this boy.

            The first to notice this hidden power was a Lord by the name of Prilloth Kalakord, who had sensed the gifts within the young slave-acolyte the day he arrived on Korriban. Due to the caste stigma that would be seen in a pure-blood Sith such as himself interfering in the training of Aeron, he simply watched from the shadows. It would not be until Aeron was close to the completion of his training on Korriban that Prilloth would reveal himself. Tycho, knowing Prilloth was conducting research in the Tomb of Naga Sadow, sent Aeron to retrieve shards of an ancient artifact to complete yet another trial designed to bring an untimely end to the young boy rather than test him. As Aeron neared the tomb, he was ambushed by six of Tycho’s other acolytes, with direct orders to kill the young Aeron. Fighting their way through the Tomb, Aeron would slay one of the Acolytes before being shoved down the final set of stairs, nearly colliding with the Sith Lord Prilloth. As the five Acolytes descended upon Aeron, now a bloody and beaten mess, an enraged Prilloth demanded an explanation. While the five remained stunned in fear, Aeron, in a defiant display, grabbed his dull and rusted war-blade and dived for the center acolyte, impaling him on his blade as he explained Tycho’s plan on his life.

            Before the four remaining Acolytes could extract their vengeance upon Aeron, Prilloth let out a terrifying laugh before calling for a silence amongst them. The Sith Lord decreed that the five would fight and the battle would only end if Aeron should fall, or the four Acolytes perished. Cocky and emboldened by their numerical advantage the four rushed Aeron. Despite all the advantages, Aeron still proved victorious, with three more Acolytes dead and the last, a Sith pure-blood like Prilloth, wounded and begging for his life, pleading and beseeching the Sith Lord to not let him die due to the shared blood line. Such pleas fell upon deaf ears as the Sith Lord ordered the execution of the final Acolyte at Aeron’s hands. Retrieving the family blade of the fallen pure-blood, Prilloth bestowed the sword upon Aeron, so that he would remember this victory. Without realizing it, Aeron had made possibly his most powerful ally and trusted adviser in the days to come.

            As Aeron’s tenure upon Korriban came to a close, Tycho’s attempts on his life became more blatant and more desperate, each and every one failing miserably to Aeron, who grew stronger and bolder with each failed attempt on his life. In Aeron’s final lecture, Prilloth would appear as tensions and tempers flared. Normally, an Acolyte challenging an Overseer would be a death wish, but the Sith Lord, sick of the pandering and political ambitions of Tycho, sanctioned a duel to the death between Aeron and Tycho. The duel lasted less than five seconds before Aeron dealt a death blow to the overseer, and thus earned him a ticket off Korriban and an apprenticeship. Many believed that it would be the Sith Lord Prilloth to take the young Aeron, now six-teen, as an apprentice, but Aeron’s antics had drawn many eyes, including that of the Darth who originally ordered the destruction of his world, Darth Renigald. A drastic political difference, there was nothing Prilloth could do but watch what would’ve been his prized apprentice, be taken by that of another Dark Lord.

            Darth Renigald was a cruel and sadistic man, that being said he was old, decrepit and becoming increasingly weak. He hid behind an aura and web of fear and lies and a well-established network of soldiers, Imperial officials, and Sith. While Aeron acknowledged the wealth of knowledge that the Dark Lord had when it came to all things force, he had little respect for the man, and a burning hatred and desire to avenge his mother and home world. Aeron was quickly put to work, becoming an enforcer and errand boy for the Dark Lord. Over the next four years, Aeron would serve with Imperial Special Forces and help in the quelling of many revolts and rebellions across the Empire. He would even serve a brief stint on Hoth, helping in the dismantling of a SIS operation. Throughout this time, despite direct orders to never contact him, Aeron maintained a correspondence with Prilloth Kalakord, now an up and coming Dark Lord himself. Aeron would often seek the advice and guidance of the elder Sith, often times considering him more a master and mentor than that of his own official lord.

            Following his brief deployment to Hoth, Aeron would return to Dromund Kaas. For his actions and heroics on Hoth, Aeron was granted the tittle of Lord, much to the shock his longtime rival Sibyl, with whom he had struck up a close friendship with following Korriban. Despite this, there would be little time for celebration, as shortly after his coronation, Aeron would be rushed off to his next mission. He was to go under cover and infiltrate a mysterious and shadowy cult devoted to the former Dark Lord Revan. They were known as the Revanites, their namesake coming from the Jedi turned Dark Lord they saw as a prophet. Little is known about what happened during this mission, but it drastically changed Aeron, shook him to his very core.

            Aeron took a huge risk, he lied for the Revanites, planting false evidence to lead the Sith Inquisitors and Imperial Intelligence away from the cult. Aeron sought out Prilloth. Aeron confided in his friend, seeking wisdom and guidance, only to find that Prilloth shared many of the beliefs that Aeron now held. Both knew it would only be a matter of time before they were discovered and decided on a drastic course of action. Securing the teachings of Quellth-Urr, a Dark Lord who held beliefs similar to that of Revan, nearly six hundred years before the latter, and the pair set out on a mission for freedom.

            During this time, Sibyl fell victim to a political power play within her family. Her father and his supporters systematicly hunted down and murdered by her mother and her new lover, a member of the Dark Council. Whilst in the midst of a mission, she was forced to fight and kill imperials, and appear sympathetic to Revanites, or die. Paniced and alone in the Dromund Kass forest, she would stumble upon Aeron. It was in this moment that Aeron confronted Sibyl and explained his new found beliefs. Sibyl, with no real choice, chose to side with Aeron, and his coming plan of escape.

            It is not understood how Renigald came to discover the plan that Aeron and Prilloth had set in motion, but the trio of outcasts was ambushed by his battalion long before the space dock. Lord Aeron, Lord Sibyl, and Darth Prilloth would carve a bloody path through the opposing forces, easily disposing of Renigald’s forces. As they approached the Space Dock, they left a field of hundreds of corpses behind them only to find the Darth and his six most prized apprentices with him. The ensuing fight would be brief, but bloody as the superior forces Aeron, Sibyl, and Prilloth hastily dispatched the Six Lords of Renigald. As Renigald world of fear and lies came crashing down he desperately attempted to plead with Aeron, offering him immunity, the tittle of Dark Lord, credits, a mansion, the list went on, but Aeron would not be dissuaded, he would have his vengeance, and as his crimson blade fell upon his master, Aeron was fulfilled. It was in that moment that he had a vision, that moment that he found balance in the force. Like Revan before him, Aeron was reborn, and with this new birth he would take a new name; Aeron was now dead, and in his place stood a being far more powerful, Enalis Nailo. Like his name he chose to take a new blade, though he kept his old lightsaber for sentiment, he crafted a new blade, one far greater and far more powerful, featuring a relic of the Kinetic Tempest as well as his signature black core blade.

            The trio would escape in Enalis’ personal Fury Class Interceptor. Despite the best efforts to trace the ship, the two vanished from Imperial radars, and made their way to Nar Shaddaa. The place to go if you want to disappear, make credits, and less notably, follow the trail of Revan. Legend held that deep within the bowls of the smuggler moon lay the great armory of the Dark Lord Revan. With his new found ideals, Enalis was eager to retrace the steps of his idol. For he had a theory, that the Star Forge was in fact not a unique super structure, but one of many Rakatan space factories scattered throughout the universe, it was finally time for Enalis to make his mark on the universe, for better or for worse.

            Whilst Nar Shaddaa was the main goal, they would need credits if they wished to accomplish anything on the Hutt controlled moon. With nothing but the ship to their name, the trio made their way to the armpit of the galaxy, Hutta. Disguised as the two salves of a non-force sensitive Sith Pureblood exile of the Empire, Prilloth would brilliantly enter the two warriors into the gladiatorial combat pits. Expertly rigging the odds for maximum profit as Enalis and Sibyl carved a bloody path through their competition. Within a couple months, they had all the credits they would need to establish themselves on Nar Shaddaa.

            Once upon Nar Shaddaa, the rest is history. Enalis would go on to establish the Dark Templar order, and later Excellion Inc, with Sibyl and Prilloth at his side. They would expand exponentially, drawing from the downtrodden, the rich, the Empire, and the Republic, as an alternative to the harshness and strictness of both Sith and Jedi teachings. Offering employment to those willing to take up arms as soldiers, sailors, medical personal, and anything that the Order would need. Securing the armory, and then the Nar Shaddaa underground, and eventually the entire planet, making the Hutt overlords little more than puppet rulers. With the criminal underground under their control, and dozens of front companies expanding off world, the Dark Templar set their sights on expansion, moving beyond that of a cult, and becoming their very own Empire. As the events of the Galaxy unfolded, Enalis would align the order once again with the Empire under Darth Marr's, and later Empress Acina's, more tolerant views of the galaxy. Enalis would eventually turn his attention once again upon the Republic, whilst he held no inherit hatred of the Republic he saw them as a target, an opportunity of conquest and to further expand and cement the Dark Templar's place in the galaxy, whilst simultaneously eradicating the Jedi Order that, to this day, he harbored such hatred for. They would join, or they would die.





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"Only I have been both Jedi and Sith, and have found clarity in the force" -Revan
Enalis Nailo

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re: [Dark Templar] Enalis Nailo, The Eternal Warrior


 Dai Maru

The All Encompassing Circle

It takes a great warrior to master a single form of lightsaber combat, a natural adept to balance two, and a wise master to perfect three. It is nigh unheard of for a single individual to master all seven major schools of lightsabre combat, let alone meld these contrasting forms into a single cohesive fighting style. Enalis, sometimes referred to as the Eternal Warrior, is one of those few legendary warriors to have the innate understanding of combat, proclivity for battle, and a second nature for martial combat.

A master of all seven forms of lightsaber combat Enalis sought to bring the seven forms together into one cohesive fighting style. It was a long journey for the prodigal blademaster and it took more than his mere knowledge of lightsaber combat to bring dream to fruition. Traveling throughout the galaxy Enalis studied and learned everything he could about martial combat, bladesmanship, and war. From learneded sages to even the most savage of brutes, Enalis would have his fill of knowledge be it purchasing it with credits or fighting to prove his worth.

Most notable during these travels throughout the galaxy would be his interactions with one Echanii Force Witch, Jelzetta. The Echanii where immensely guarded with their martial secrets and refused to take in an outsider such as Enalis, especially one who is a known adversary of the longtime Echanii ally, The Jedi. There are many stories and rumors, often spoken in hushed whispers as to how Enalis met Jelzetta. A chance encounter, some say Enalis sought out the infamous witch, others say she was drawn to his power, whatever it be an accord was reached between the two. What this deal encompass is unknown, as Enalis himself attributes Jelzetta to being a mere bedtime tale to scare young children to sleep. Whatever this deal entailed Enalis trained under the brutal teachings of Jelzetta, teachings that on numerous occasions nearly claimed his life. It is under her tutelage that Enalis would be one of only a few dozen non-Echanii to ever master the combat art.

With this expanded martial knowledge at his disposal Enalis began the process of unifying the seven school. Many believe it is during his self imposed five year exile on Tattooine during the reign of the Zakkul Empire that he fully developed what he would come to name Dai Maru, the "Great Circle" in the ancient tongue of the founders. An all encompassing form that does not sacrifice safety and defense for the immense aggressive offense that it generates. Equal parts martial form, Force, and mental state, Dai Maru transcends the traditional concepts of lightsaber combat into something far greater.

Already one of the most formidable blademasters in the galaxy, it is with the creation of this style that many, including reluctant Jedi Masters, have called Enalis, the perfect swordsman. Due to its complexity and requirement for a innate natural skill there are only a handful of individuals Enalis has instructed in the form. Requiring a deep understanding and near perfection of the seven lightsaber schools in addition to numerous unarmed martial arts. Dai Maru is as powerful as is rare and difficult to learn.



"Only I have been both Jedi and Sith, and have found clarity in the force" -Revan
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