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re: [Dark Templar] The Scholar, Azarexia


Name: Azarexia Veldanis

Age: 29

Last Rank of Note Obtained Before the Fall: Darth

Ranking of Power amongst her peers: Substantial. Lacks Control, however.

Current Whereabouts: Unknown.

Last Known Whereabouts: Oricon

Known Companions: A repaired Dreadslayer Droid she calls H3-XR

Weapon of Choice: A Lightsaber she constructed with help from the Gree

Race: Pureblood

Known Spoken Languages: Many. Main spoken is Basic, Gree, and Hutteese

Known Abilities: Her connection to the force, as well as her knowledge of ancient and forgotten (or even forbidden) techniques and training allows her to manipulate the forces of life itself, sometimes at a great cost to herself. She even discovered the ability to Force Walk and bind Force spirits.


Early Life

Growing up as a Sith was like one would expect; Tough. Her parents, as soon as she was able to hold a sabre, sent her off to Korriban to be trained in the ways of Sith. Her combat prowess was something that severely lacked, much to the chagrin of her father, but her her affinity for the more 'mystical' arts of the Force turned out to be her strong suit. During her trials, she was sent spelunking into the tombs of the ancient Sith to dig up more artifacts. It was her last expedition into a previously undiscovered tomb and found several ancient holocrons that detailed new ways to apply the force for the Dark Side. She was imparted such knowledge upon picking up the holocron herself, and her application of their use was what helped her achieve her apprenticeship.

Apprentice to Lord

Azarexia became an apprentice to one Darth Lior who served under the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge during the time of her tenure serving this Master. She mainly delved into various tombs and finding lost and ancient artifacts on the various planets the Old Sith visited during their life times. Her Master mainly focused on tombs and places visited by the Sith Lords Ajunta Pall and Naga Sadow. She did this for several years while her Master taught her much of the Old Sith, her ancestors, and even taught her more ancient techniques used back during that time.  It was during a delve into forgotten sections of the Hutt controlled den of crime known as Nar Shadda that she ran into a strange group. Following them for only a short time, she was able to gleam a name they called themselves: Dark Templars. At this time, however, she would be unable to find out more about them as her Master had her going after a particular artifact that got him killed only a few months after it's discovery. Once she had found it, she would return to Korriban. It was here where she was made a Lord of the Sith due to her findings.

Becoming a Darth, The War with the Republic, and the Invasion of the Eternal Empire

During her time as a Lord of a Sith, she started to venture into the other spheres of influence within the Empire. She eventually came under a new Darth from the Sphere of Mysteries. It was here that she vanished for a time, with sights of a masked figure showing up after great battles had been waged. What she was doing and for whom forever remains a secret to that sphere. She later resurfaced after having become a Darth due to a finding of an ancient technology that helped advance cybernetics and the medical field by several years. Through the ensuing years and the ongoing war with the Republic, Azarexia continued her research and investigations of the Force. The Rise of the Dread Masters had her first investigate Belsaavis where they and many ancient powers were housed before heading directly to Oricon after they were defeated by a joint-operation by both galactic powers. Makeb was the next on her list, once the planet itself had been stabilized, though she found nothing of any importance. 

She returned to Oricon where she found and repaired a Dread Purification droid that she called H3-XR. She uses it mainly to help her excavate as well as provide combat assistance to augment her still mediocre combat skills. It was during her return to Dromuund Kaas when she heard about the return of Revan and his army of followers. With the discovery of Yavin 4, it wasn't long before sightings of her on the jungle-filled world were reported. She wouldn't be seen again til the devastation that was wrought upon Ziost. She walked the barren, lifeless landscape for a few years trying to discover how the Emperor had done such a ritual. She only learned a little about it, but took her findings with her as she returned to Yavin 4 to vanish into the forests once more. She wasn't heard from after that, even after the Eternal Empire invaded and perceeded to control the entire galaxy.

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