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re: Lux(Nizuri)


Name: Lux 

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female
Race: Unknown
Height: 172.72 cm
Weight: 126lbs
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Unknown
Body Build: seems spry and athletic, possibly small framed but her armor gives her a bit of bulk
Family: Unknown
Class(be creative!): A student of the sword. Seeks to match Enalis as a Master Swordsmen. 
Sabre/Blaster Color (does not have to be limited to what is in game):a brilliant white, the blade derived from the Krayt Dragon Pearl used as a color crystal.
Alignment: Lawful neutral. Willing to go to any lengths and use anything in her grasp to assure that the right thing is done. 

Story: Few know of who Lux is under the mask, or where she comes from. Those who have knowledge of it are either dead or within the Archon's inner circle. What is known about Lux is that she spent sometime working as an assassin, but despite her ability to maneuver out of sight she is no stranger to the open field of battle, and is a top notch swords-woman trained by the Archon Enalis Nailo. Her combat prowess and history of success has gained it's own merit. Her surprising agility and speed coupled with her training, and her own spin off of moves of classic fighting makes her style unique, powerful, and very unpredictable. She is well known for pulling out a surprise victory from the jaws of certain defeat. If you fight with her, she will put life and limb on the line to insure you both see Victory. If you fight against her.....Pray.


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