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re: Crace the Jackel


first child of the mercenary team known as the Sinclairs he quickly followed their examples going on his first hunt with them at age seven.  at age ten, only a year after the birth of his little sister, his Parents took a job to track and capture an elder Krate dragon resulting in the death of his mother and his father loosing his legs.  His father refused to return untill he had killed the dragon and tracked down all those involved in setting up the mission and killed then as well,  this left Crace to raise his infant sister on his own.

with no really skills to speak of aside from hunting he formed his own team and called them 'Deaths Door'.  he spent the next nine years taking any job he could find aand always refusing to return without his target, even if another hunter had gotten there first.  After nine years he had finally earned a reputation for himself as being able to get ANY taget you send him after, so long as you don't mind them dead. 

At age Nineteen he took his last job with 'Deaths Door',  a mission to find and assassinate the prized apprentice of an influential sith lord.  the mission took them to Hoth where his crew shot him seven times in the back and left him to die in the snow.  The job had been a fake, the sith lord hade hired his crew to get rid of him.  His willingness to take republic and rebal jobs so long as they don't care about the end result had landed him on the wrong side of the dark councel and they wanted him gone..

thinking fast he sent a distress signal to his sister who had a small ship of her own, mostly used for smuggling.  he spent the next three days crawling through the snow back to the imperial base before he was finally found by his sister, Rumbella, who pulled him onto her speeder and rushed him to the nearest base.

while stuck in the snow his injuries had lead to severe nerve damage caused by exposure making his entire body numb to pain.  his unprotected face had also suffered from severe frost bite.  all the doctor on hand, who's real job was to patch blaster wounds, could think to do was remove the dead skin and bandage his face letting him rest and hope for the best.  he spent the next week in recovery before they finally removed his bandages.  he has lost almost forty percent of the skin on his face and what remained was all but mummified from the temperature.

the doctor informed him that no one on base believed he would make it out of there.  his wounds seemed to great and reaction to the surgery had been far from positive.  The dactor decided to call him the Jackel to those around base and the name stuck.  they said "it was as if he had one foot firmly planted through deaths door".  and irony that did not escape him.

since that day he has returned to hunting but now working mostly alone picking the up the odd stray here and there.  He has taken advantage of his new name and old reputation and is hunting the greatest prize of all.  the sith lord and former partners that left him to die.


in recent years has added to his already impressive arsenal by surgically removing his lower legs and receiving a cybernetic augmentation.  the new legs are powerful electromagnets in the balls of the feet that allow for solid grip or enhanced jumping depending on the charge.  there is a small jet booster in each heel as well as several hidden tricks through out the frame of the legs.


age- 27

sex- male

personality-  he is just about as likely to shoot you as he he is to say hello.  compulsive gambler, drinker, and womanizer he has earned a reputation for being some of the worst scum in the galaxy.  he is the kind of guy that would toss a thermal detonator into an orphanage just to get his mark into the line of fire.  you can be sure how ever that before he kills you, you will get a taste of his notorious mouth that has gotten him in and out of more tight spots then even he cares to count.  friend or foe you are never safe from his pet names, insults, and back talk.


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