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re: Basic Bio for Nova(Ariannà)


Part of the DT story arch

Name: Ariannà Nova 
Age: Uknown 
Gender: F 
Race: N/A 
Weight: 128lbs 
Hair Color: Jet Black 
Eye Color: Blood Red 
Body Build: small framed 
Scars: None, her body heals most wounds very quickly 
Family: Long deceased  
Class(be creative!): Force Devour-er, and master of mental assault. She is the Legion.  
Sabre/Blaster Color (does not have to be limited to what is in game): black core, with a haunting purple glow. She rarely draws her blade. 
Alignment: Neutral/Dark 

Nova is the resulting personality between two powerful force users performing a ritual to combine their power. She has the talent to absorb willing force user's essences into her own. She carries the memories of many inside of her but considers herself to be a being all her own. She has no memories as herself before the performing of the Ritual, and Nova, being the surname of her predecessor, was the only name she knew. So she took it as her own. Inside of her mind is the combined conscience of every force user who was willing to join her collective. Holding mental contact with her is almost impossible for all but the most powerful masters of the mind. Extended mental contact can lead to injury or death. Linking yourself to her is linking yourself to Legion. Shedding her predecessor's nickname the Red Queen, she has a surprisingly care free nature as long as you can remain calm around her. Tense, or access her as a threat, and you will send her on edge leading to her more violent side. She has been known to slam suspicious persons around, or invade their minds with visions of horror, and death. Her most brutal account was using her mind to pin a soldier who had drawn weapons on her to the floor and pull his body apart with her mind. Stay calm and do not let the shark smell blood or fear. (to learn the true deeper story of Nova read the Chronicle of Nova)   

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