The Dark Templar Stronghold, Revan's Lost Armory



The might of the Empire and the Sith Order is nothing to be scoffed at, the power of the Republic Forces and the Jedi council, not to be taken lightly, nor the reach of the Exchange, the Influence of the Hutts, or the plethora of micro-factions scattered through out the galaxy. The Galaxy is a dangerous place that does not welcome new comers to the arena, often times these power players will go out of their way to squash a “rebellion” or “uprising” before said group can establish themselves as a faction. So how, when the Dark Templar, a small cult of Revanites hated by both Republic and Empire, by Sith and Jedi, started openly recruiting members, both force sensitive and non-sensitive, survive?


Deep within the bowels of Nar Shaadda, from a time long before the arrival of the Hutts, when the Rakata still ruled this galaxy, an armory was built. Within this armory weapons, knowledge, and secrets where stored. Over the millennia this structure was forgotten about. Buildings were built upon buildings, and soon, the armory was buried beneath an entire Cityscape, lost to the ages, forgotten; until, a young man came, seeking the secrets of the lost creator race. Once Jedi, now Sith, armed with the knowledge of both, he forayed deep into the city-moon's depths; there he discovered this lost structure. He knew the potential that this place held, knew that there would be few greater places one could use for a last stand. This man, Revan, expanded upon the ancient Rakata armory, building further, strengthening already near impregnable defenses. It was into this armory that Revan poured his secrets, his knowledge, his weapons, his discoveries, his power...that was over three hundred years ago.


Long believed to be mere rumour, it would be by mere chance that the founders of this Dark Templar Order came into procession of such a powerful prize. As the Dark Templar were being formed, a Republic archaeological expedition was under way, searching for the armory. While the exact location remained undetermined, the small band of Dark Templars ambushed the unsuspecting Republic party, massacring it and her Jedi guardians. With the entire Republic Archaeological team dead, the Dark Templar took what information the Republic did uncover, combined with their own, they where able to secure the armory for themselves.


Buried deep beneath the surface of the sprawling Hutt City-Moon, the armory provided a unique protection for the Dark Templar, immunity from orbital strikes. Even if a force so wished to incur the wrath of the Hutts, the armory is so deeply nestled beneath the city scape that any form of orbital bombardment would be near harmless upon the armory itself. In addition to this, the location renders almost all heavy armour and artillery useless. If one were to invade the Dark Templar in their new-found fortress, they would have to do so solely with Infantry, an incredibly costly and bloody prospect for any foolish enough to wade through the city under-dark and fight against the Dark Templar fortifications.


The armory itself is a massive structure, capable of housing a huge standing army and all of the support forces required to keep it operational. Fully self-sustaining one could in theory lock themselves away from the galaxy. While the armory was once a hostile place, where many ancient defense droids prowled, the Dark Templar have since taken complete control. The armory has been transformed from a fortress, to a utopia of sorts, where the members of her order live and thrive and work to uncover the many secrets that lay within the treasure trove artifacts Revan left behind.


The Dark Templar knew from the get go, for the armory to be successful it would need to be self-sustaining. From farming to livestock raising, to manufacturing, education, and medicine. Everything that could possibly be needed for a people to survive was built and implemented within the superstructure fortress. Being nestled so deep into the Nar Shaadda city scape, the Dark Templar are able to tap into numerous power systems and siphon all the energy they could possibly ever need undetected.


It is here, deep within the corrupted heart of Nar Shaadda that the revolution grows, the very manifestation of the greed and corruption, the avenging force trains, and learns, and grows strong. As Empire and Republic weaken, the Dark Templar grow in strength, her numbers swell, her warriors prepare, her bulwarks are fortified, and soon, her armies will march across the galaxy with a righteous zeal. A storm is brewing, one that neither Empire, nor Republic, are prepared for.