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     One of the many reasons for the success of the Dark Templar forces, is the wide range and versatility that their military brings to the table. Heavy Infantry, Black Ops Infiltrators, Engineers, Armoured Cavalry, Artillery, and a powerful and diverse Navy, the Dark Templar have come to become a powerful player in the Galaxy. Drawing largely from the vast population of Nar Shaadda, the order quickly exploded in size at the promise of a cause worth fighting for along side generous pay. Even going so far as to absolve debts that various citizens may owe to various underground criminal organizations like the exchange, or to the Hutt Cartels themselves. As the Dark Templar continued to grow and began to expand beyond the Armoury and beyond Nar Shaadda, it became clear that they would need far more man power to achieve their goals. The Dark Templar began setting up cells and recruitment offices all over the Galaxy, drawing individuals from all species, races, creeds, and beliefs together for one common purpose, freedom to practice their beliefs in peace. Recruits come now, daily, from the hearts of both Empire and Republic, from the gutters of Nar Shaadda, the Swamps of Hutta, the City Scape of Corellia and even from the deserts of Tattooine. The Dark Templar are growing, in both strength and influence, and with each day that passes, the might of the once tiny cult, grows further.


 Dark Templar Infantry Corps

Dark Templar Special Operations Forces