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Dark Templar Armed Forces

One of the main factors to the success of the Dark Templar can be directly chalked up to the strength of their military. Having not always been the galactic powerhouse that they are now, the Dark Templar emphasized quality over quantity from a very early stage. The Dark Templar mastered the art of utilizing both their force and non-force sensitive men and women in conjunction with eachother upon the battlefield, creating a unique and powerful fighting force. As the Dark Templar fighting forces grew it became a necessity to adopt a more traditional military structure. The bulk of the Dark Templar forces are broken up into nine legions. The first, second, and third legions compose the primary body of the Dark Templar armed forces, being the Army, the Marines, and the Navy respectively. The remaining legions are composed of specialized units, special operations, and the most elite of the Dark Templar Armed Forces.


1st Legion - "Fighting First"

Commander: TBD (Open RP Slot)

Type: Infantry

Motto: "By our light we lead the way."

Description: The First Legion is the backbone of the Dark Templar Armed Forces. The "Army" as some people have called it, a vast majority of the Dark Templar soldiers fight under this legion's banner. The largest of all the legions, the "Fighting First" is a standard infantry unit. Almost never working alone, the first legion is almost always supported by the second and third legions.



2nd Legion - "O.R.C.A"

Commander: TBD (Open RP Slot)

Type: Marines

Motto: "Into the void."

Description: The Second Legion, also known as the Orbital Response, Capture, and Assault (ORCA) force, is the Dark Templar Marine Corps, specializing in ship to ship and space combat. The Second Legion works closely with the Third legion, the majority of its forces stationed on the ships of the Third Legion. 


3rd Legion - "The Fleet"

Commander: TBD (Open RP Slot)

Type: Navy

Motto: "From the stars we came, to the stars we rise."

Description: The Third Legion's make up differs from the rest of the legions in that is the only unit without a ground assualt force. Rather the Third Legion makes up the majority of the Dark Templar naval forces. Working in conjunction with the First and Second legions, the trinity of forces creates one of the most effective fighting forces the galaxy has seen.


4th Legion - "The Pathfinders"

Commander: Executor Sibyl Aurora De'Kater

Type: Light Infantry/Special Forces

Motto: "We are the tip of the spear."

Description: The Forth Legion makes up the smallest unit within the Dark Templar Armed Forces but it has been many a foes downfall to underestimate the strength of the Fourth. A rapid response unit, the Fourth Legion's primary role is to respond to, and contain any threat. The smaller size of the legion allows it to rapidly deploy anywhere in the galaxy; with its arsenal of special operations units, the Fourth Legion is equiped to handle any situation. 


5th Legion - "Revan's Hammer"

Commander: TBD (Open RP Slot)

Type: Artillery/Mechanized Infantry

Motto: "No good fortress unpunished."

Description: The big guns, this is the legion that is called to the fight when enemies of the Dark Templar hunker down and fortify their defenses. Specializing in mechanized warfare the Fifth Legion consists of tanks, walkers, and other heavy ground assault veichles. A capable mechanized infantry unit, the fifth shines when it can bombard and siege enemy fortifications.


6th Legion - "Condor Dragons"

Commander: TBD (Open RP Slot)

Type: Cavalry/Airborne Infantry

Motto: "From the grounds to the skies, we shall fight."

Description: Air superiority by whatever means necessary. The Sixth Legion is composed of atmospheric assault craft, numerous fighter and bomber wings, and a contingent of elite airborne soldiers ready to drop behind enemy lines. Be it supporting advancing ground troops, or sowing havoc amongst enemy ranks the Sixth Legion dominates the skies.


7th Legion - "The Reapers"

Commander: Imperator Enalis Nailo

Type: Heavy Assault Infantry/Armor/Special Forces

Motto: "A shadow and a thought."

Description: Arguably the deadliest fighting force in the galaxy Enalis's 7th Legion fields the most devoted and fanatical warriors of the Dark Templar. An intense and grueling selection process ensures that only the most elite of the Dark Templar join the ranks of the Seventh Legion. Specialized in front line combat the heavy infantry of "The Reapers" are armed to the teeth. With a contingent of special operations forces to support the assault forces, the Seventh Legion fights in some of the bloodiest and most brutal battles the Dark Templar find themselves in and almost always find themselves victorious.


8th Legion - "The Guardians"

Commander: Archon Saato Khul

Type: Combat Engineer/Infantry

Motto: "No bridge too long, no path too rough."

Description: Affectionately nicknamed "Jawas" by other Dark Templar, the Eighth legion is the primary support and defense force the Eighth Legion is there to clear the way. Whilst a capable infantry unit in its own right, the Eighth's mission is supporting other Dark Templar forces, be it bridging, demolitions, construction and other maintenance roles. They are the true unsung heros of the Dark Templar.


9th Legion - "The Immortals"

Commander: Executor Attierius Blaydwynn

Type: Heavy Assault Infantry/Armor/Special Forces

Motto: "Sacrafice begets victory."

Description: The sister legion of the Seventh, the Ninth Legion, like the Seventh, is composed of the most elite members of the Dark Templar order. A powerful frontline force the Ninth makes use of its heavy assault infantry with supporting armor divisions. Capable of blitzkrieg style warfare or drawn out trench fighting no cost is too great for the Ninth. Unlike all the other legions the Ninth maintains an exact fighting force, no more, no less. Should a soldier within the legion fall or retire, they are replaced immediately from a reserve.


Dark Templar Medical Division - "Angelus Sanatorius"

Surgeon General: TBD (Open RP Slot)

Type: Medical

Motto: "Not for myself. but for all."

Description: While each legion boasts its own fair share of talented medical personal, the men and women of the Dark Templar Medical Division (D.T.M.D.) are some of the most talented and able doctors and nurses in the galaxy. Stationed on fleet ships, major Dark Templar facilities, and the mobile surgical hospitals- these guardian angels keep the fighting men and women of the Dark Templar alive. 


Dark Templar Inteligence Division - "The Sentinels"

Keeper: TBD (Open RP Slot)

Type: Intelligence/Special Forces

Motto: "Shadows dictate the future."

Description: They know, every little detail, every major secret, nothing escapes the ever watchful eye of the Dark Templar Inteligence Division. Primarily solo or duo operatives, the D.T.I.D. does have a small, yet incredibly capable division of Special Operations units. Espionoge, Sabatogue, and Assassination is the fortè of these shadowy agents.


Dark Templar Reclaimations - "The Oracles"

Commander: Archon Priloth Kalkord

Type: Archeological Survey/Relic Recovery

Motto: "From the ashes of the past, the future is sowed."

Description: Like the D.T.M.D, Reclaimations is a non-combatant division of the Dark Templar, though they are often escorted by members of the other legions as they undertake often dangerous work. Primarily focused on discovering and recovering ancient relics of both the Sith and Jedi, they often find themselves competing with those rival groups for said treasures. Characterized by incredibly inteligent indiviuals, these men and women are adaptive, resourceful, and devoted to finding any and all ancient technolgies that could aide the Dark Templar.


Dark Templar Judiciary Division - "The Peacekeepers"

Minister of Law - TBD (Open RP Slot)

Type - Legal/Police Forces/Humanitarian Relief 

Motto - "The dead cannot cry out for justice. We must do so for them."

Description: Life and liberty, the central tenants that the Dark Templar Judiciary Division stands for. Handling all legal matters for the Dark Templar Order, they ensure and protect the interests of the members of the order. A two fold branch, the enforcers of the law and those who protect the innocent lives of those under Dark Templar governance, The Justicars, are fierce loyal warriors devoted to justice and upholding the law.


Dark Templar Secret Police - "The Justicars"

Commander - Warden Syrallia Draldur  

Type- Secret Police/Special Forces

Motto - "Balance through Blood, We are the Legion of One"

Description: The Justicar are chosen from the most elite of the Dark Templar's forces. They act as lone agents of order within the Templar. Some know them as a form of secret police, while others view them as executioners, hunting down traitors or those who seek to destroy the Templars from within. The activities of the Justicar are largely hidden from the rest of the Templars, but their presence often brings with them an air of unbiased dread. There is no way to apply to be a Justicar, they are only ever chosen.