Dark Templar Special Operations Forces 

         Be it out of fanaticism, or desperation, it is often a certain kind of crazy that drives someone to join the Dark Templar Infantry Corps; it is downright insanity to willingly join the Dark Templar Special Operations Forces (DT-SOF). The DT-SOF are all handpicked from the best of the best that the Dark Templar Infantry Corps have to offer, on a volunteer basis. Much of what they do is clouded in secrecy and myth. Most of these operatives work as lone wolf agents or in pairs of two. It is only the most difficult of operations in which squads of these deadly operatives are used.

        Like their DTIC counter-parts the DT-SOF bring only the best to the table in terms of equipment. Trained in the use of the X-52 Wraith Infiltrator sniper rifle, they are superb snipers and perform many of their missions from a great range.  The DT-SOF operative often sacrifices the heavy armour that their DTIC counterparts sport; instead opting for the lighter more agile Infiltrator’s Armour (Also produced by Excellion but adapted for Dark Templar use). While lacking in the upfront protection that the regular Dark Templar soldier has, the Infiltrator’s Armour comes with a built in stealth generator; allowing the DT-SOF operative to better slip behind enemy lines, or into a target’s personal quarters. In addition to their sniper training, the DT-SOF operative sports a wide range of skills, from sabotage, intelligence gathering, close quarter’s assassination and combat.  Skills quintessential so surviving their missions; which, more times than not, can all be classified as suicidal.