"Excellion Incorporated, ushering in the future of the Galaxy upon the wings of industry." -Xavier Reed


            Excellion Incorporated is a galaxy spanning weapons manufacturer. While specializing in the production and sale of small arms and similar weaponry, they also produce armour, vehicles, artillery, star fighters, and even capital ships. Noted for their high quality of product, their product remains in the higher price brackets. However; they have set a new industry standard for quality product. There is little that they produce that can be rivaled by their competitors. The VL-18 Blaster rifle has quickly become the favourite of many military units, Imperial and Republic alike; as well as bounty hunters, criminal organizations and even some of the more fanatical cults in the galaxy. Expanding upon the success of the VL-18, Excellion introduced an entire line of weaponry operating off the pattented "Plasma Core" design, offering quality, lethality, and adaptability for rifles, pistols, sniper-rifles, and assault-cannons. 

            As Excellion grew in size and popularity, the corporation began expanding; swallowing up other companies, taking what was useful and then discarding the rest. As they began to dominate the infantry market they moved on to producing artillery and armored units. From there, they began the production of star fighters and lastly capital ships. It is rumored that Excellion has the ability to produce stealth capable warships. Representatives of the company have declined to comment on the subject though.

            Like many corporations that span across multiple planets, Excellion has its own armed service. Highly trained individuals that fight to ensure the interests of the company are looked after across their many locations throughout the Galaxy. Because of its dealings with the Empire, many Republic worlds have outlawed Excellion and their goods. Despite this legislature, demand for the high grade goods remains high. The Republic high commands have accused Excellion of smuggling amongst many other charges, including conspiracy. Excellion CEO, Xavier Reed, has denied these charges; though Excellion is known to hold pro-Imperial views, these claims are not far from being considered outlandish.

             The future looks bright for Excellion. The corporation has been continuously expanding at astronomical rates. They are conducting pioneering research in the medical, ship building, and arms and armor fields. Their customer base becomes larger with each passing day as rival after rival grows weaker and is slowly absorbed by the massive corporation. Other galaxy spawning corporations have even gone so far as to attempt assassinations on the life of the charismatic Xavier Reed. Czerka has declined to comment on that matter as well. Regardless, with little to stand in their way, and now the leading name in multiple industries, the future does seem to be coming in on Excellion's wings.

-Excellion and the Dark Templar Order-

             Excellion Incorporated was created as a front company for the Dark Templar order a year after it was established on Nar Shaddaa. The CEO, Xavier Reed, is in fact an alias for the Imperator, Enalis Nailo. Through Excellion, the Dark Templar Order has not only been able to freely launder money for their own organization, but also through the overpriced goods they sell to their buyers, fund and outfit their own forces. Excellion has grown right along side the Dark Templar Order; both now spanning across multiple planets within the galaxy. Many of the individuals within the Excellion corporation are members of the Dark Templar Order. Those who are not are unaware of the ties the company has to the "terrorist" cult.

             With Excellion at their disposal, the Dark Templar have become a formidable fighting force, capable of standing toe to toe with Imperial Legions, Republic Armies, and Cartel War-bands. Heavily armored soldiers, highly trained infiltrators, charismatic leaders the list goes on. With Excellion's venture into the ship building market and the successful capture of stealth technology in Darth Malgus' uprising, the Dark Templar have been able to produce their very own fleet, all featuring stealth capabilities. Enalis has often said "For each Imperial we outfit, for each mercenary we arm, we are able to field three of our own with those funds."

             The secret to Excellion and Dark Templar manufacturing and what allows them to use such a minimal amount of material, and produce such high quality products at such a cheap rate comes from the efforts of the Dark Templar Executor Sibyl De'Kater. A talented warrior with a proclivity for research, knowledge and her understanding of the force, pioneered new methods in the use of Sith Aclhemy to merge low grade materials often found in derelict asteroids into a high grade alloy of near infinite possibilites. Naming it after her late father Karreb, Karrebos has given the Dark Templar a distinct edge in the world of manufacturing. With a little ingenuity from the mechanical mind of Enalis, and the wealth of force knowledge and rituals of Prilloth, the Dark Templar were able to develop machinery that automated the Sith Alchemical process of the raw materials into the newly found alloy. Often called "Enriched Durasteel" the discovery of this alloy, and its recipie is one of the most closely guarded secrets of the Dark Templar, the very existence of which has not been verified.

             The line between Dark Templar and Excellion grows more and more blurred with each passing day. One could easily argue they are one and the same. It is unclear if the Empire, or any of the other powers within the galaxy, are aware of the ties between Excellion and the Dark Templar. At this point, it would likely make little difference.