Your Dark Templar Leadership Team

Imperator (Guild Leader)

Name: Chris

Age: 28

Main: Enalis

Tenure: Since pre-launch with Star Wars (6+ years)

Favorite In Game Accomplishment: Part of the Server First Hateful Entity run with Proper Villains.

Brief Bio: One of the original founding members of Dark Templar thirteen years ago, he has lead the guild through a multitude of games and through many ups and downs. Competitive, casual, raiding, pvp, pve, and RP Dark Templar has at some point been all of these ranging from shooters to MMORPG. Jumping onto the SWTOR hype train when the game was still in the testing stages he participated in both closed and open betas and was one of the original pre-launch guilds onto Sanctum of the Exalted. After having the original Star Wars Dark Templar fall apart due to members being pulled away from the game by real life drama as well as some inner tensions coming to frutition, the guild died. Now no longer in the Hawaii time zone, and a renewed interest in the game, he looks to bring Dark Templar back up to a full fledged guild, this time with a true focus on role play. He is an avid writer, loving any chance to take a role play story and expand upon it, especially fond of forum based role play. Always with a story in his mind and his head in the clouds he one day hopes to become a novelist, and bring to life the characters of the Dark Templar in fully published written works

Fun Facts:

An Economics major, he has taken to the GTN like fish to water, the majority of the guild infrastructure has been footed by his antics, with over 1,900,000,000 credits being invested in the form of a Guild Stronghold, Flagship and Guild Bank.

Enalis was originally a Marauder in the betas, but feeling too much like a glass cannon and at the time the Marauder not having a strong damage profile (boy was that changed at launch) he took the gamble and re-rolled Enalis as a Juggernaut.

He is a triple threat player, playing at nightmare levels in all three roles, he is mostly known for his Assassin Tank Sèrina and of course his main the Vengeance DPS Juggernaut Enalis. Having held multiple top dps positions for the role at the world and server level- at one point capturing the #1 position for both server and world.

The position of his apprentice is cursed, no member has taken the position and remained with guild and game. The toll is now five. Due to this he has created his own RP character to fill this role.


Executor (Assistant Guild Leader)

Name: Ethan

Age: 23

Main: Attierius/Raeleena

Tenure: Since Launch (6+ Years)

Favorite In Game Accomplishment: Pulling his character's first lightsaber out on Korriban.

Brief Bio: Ethan first joined the Dark Templar when SWTOR was still relatively young as an MMO. He was not privy to the launch, but began playing soon after at the suggestions of both his friends Kyle and Adam. There he met their good friend, Enalis-- Ena's friendship was one that would endure with him for years to come. Star Wars has always played a large part in Ethan's life, being an influence for much of his youthful art growing up. He always enjoyed both  the simplicity and the complexity that came with the Universe itself. The Art of Star Wars was always something that stuck with Ethan, and had a huge hand in drawing him in to several of the games growing up. Most notably Stars Wars Rogue Squadron, Star Wars Battlefront, Commando, and finally Knights of the Old Republic. Fast forward to relatively present day SWTOR and Ethan's friendship grew with Enalis and he found a new love in the Star Wars MMO while simultaneously juggling about three or four others at the same time! After an unfortunate hiatus due to the complications of life, Ethan has now returned to SWTOR with a vengeance (literally, he has a Vengeance Juggernaut!) to fully realize his role in the SWTOR Universe as a leader of the Dark Templar.

Fun Facts:

A huge motor enthusiast, simply put, he enjoys anything that runs fast or can be placed on wheels. Contrary to the nerd lifestyle, he drives a heavily modified 2010 Mustang and rides a Kawasaki Ninja Sportbike.

Ethan utilizes two different mains, a Marauder Raeleena, and his Juggernaut Atterius. Raeleena, the original Ethan exclusive, was born of his love of the dual wielding Fury Warrior from World of Warcraft. Upon assuming the rank of Executor, his RP story on Raeleena did not fit such a role, and thus Atterius was born.

Ethan is an accomplished artist, working traditionally in pen and ink. His digital skills are limited as of right now due to hardware limitation, but he prefers the hand-to-medium methos anyways.

Ethan is a veteran of many MMO's, often times playing multiples at a single time. Amongst his catalog the titles of World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 1&2, Dark Age of Camelot, Tera, and many more.


Executor (Assistant Guild Leader)

Name: Anya

Age: 22

Main: Sîbyl

Tenure: Three Years

Favorite In Game Accomplishment: Achieving max command rank first in guild.

Brief Bio: Born and raised in Hawaii, Anya found at a very young age that she loved RPG games. A perenial handheld gamer, she first delved into the world of RPG games on the Game Boy Advanced system, quickly blowing through Pokemon, Final Fantasy and her favorite The Legend of Zelda games. It wasn't until she was in middle school that she got her hands on a computer, and even later that she delved into the consoles, and she made her first jump into the landscape that was MMORPGs. An avid fan of City of Heros and its various expansions she spent much of her time building and designing new characters and bringing them up to level. Never really delving into the end game so much, she was more fascinated with character aesthetics and would often create backstories for each of her characters; later leading her into the world of role play. After COH, Anya continued on with her RP cravings, going to the worlds of Gaia, IMVU, and numerous other more social based systems, personal life eventually forced her away from the world of gaming. Upon meeting Enalis at college however; he would introduce her back into the world of gaming, and SWTOR was an instant hook. Only recently stepping into a leadership position, she hopes to help steer the Dark Templar into an RP focused community.

Fun Facts:

She is currently a Microbiology major but is pursing a degree in Veterinary Medicine with a focus on animal pathology. She has an incredibly gentle soul and will go out of her way for any animal, no matter the inconvenience to herself, but fuck humans. With a deep thirst for knowledge her life dream is to become a researcher and help improve the lives of all animals.

She has attended several conventions including the first ever Honolulu Comic Con where she met long time idol Stan Lee. An avid cosplayer, she enjoys dressing up as all our favorite video game babes. Currently her specialty is her Kitty Kat Katarina, a cosplay she made from scratch.

Sîbyl is actually not her original main. In fact her first character was an Arsenal Mercenary named Azalee. Upon playing through the Sith Warrior story line, and seeing first hand what Enalis accomplished with the Vengeance Juggernaut, she fell in love with the class and switched it over to her primary character. Additionally Sîbyl was formerlly named Alehandra.

She has an amazing singing voice, ask her to sing to you.


Archon  (Inactive)

Name: Marcus

Age: 23

Main: Prilloth

Tenure: 4+ years

Favorite In Game Accomplishment: Throwing mechanics out the window and just face smashing Kephess The Undying/ Hitting the very first level cap raise(55) first in the guild.

Brief Bio: Born in Australia and raised for the most part in the States, based out of NC. He has been with the guild since a random RP encounter on Korriban a few months after launch and the guild has been a second family for him ever since that day. He has been through a multitude of MMOs from WoW, City of Heroes/Villains(RIP), LotRO and Guild Wars. He regularly plays various rpgs and keeps up with a few shooters (all hail Overwatch!). In SWTOR he plays a good mix of everything but has a focus on raiding, role playing and general goofing off. Enalis and Prilloth have always been friends from the start, both IC and OOC. This can be seen in almost all their interactions, and key amongst them would be raiding. Prilloth learned directly from Enalis many of the raids and mechanics featured in the plethora of operations SWTOR has to offer, quickly rising to be the secondary raid leader of Dark Templar when Enalis couldn’t make a raid. Bringing a strong mechanical base as well as a deep understanding of old republic lore, Prilloth quickly took his place amongst the Dark Templar leadership.

Fun Facts:


It took 4 years before he even touched the republic side of the game due to wanting to avoid all that republic filth.

Prilloth has always been a DPS sorc, and one of the few people to rival Enalis’ numbers, but is perfectly capable of healing for raids... that doesn't mean you should ask him to though.


Prilloth is the most tenured member of the Dark Templar besides Enalis


He has been to almost every Disneyland on the earth except for Hong Kong.