The Story Thus Far




A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Dromund Kaas, the very heart of the Empire, the least likely place for the birth of a rebellion; yet it is here that the seed of a new order has been planted.  It is within the darkest depths of the forests of the capital world that the rebirth began. A prodigal lord, a desperate aristocrat, and a maniacal madman; the unlikeliest of allies, found themselves at the heart of a betrayal decades in the making. The threat of death bound them together and after a brief and bloody skirmish, the galaxy would never be the same.

Fleeing Imperial space as wanted criminals aboard a stolen Fury Interceptor, the trio would find safe haven upon Hutta, the armpit of the galaxy, a polluted foul crime ridden Hutt controlled planet. It is here that the three would lay low. Under the guise of a disgraced non-sensitive Sith, Prilloth would enter both Enalis and Sibyl into the death pits as slaves, playing the odds; for what they sought to accomplish would require vast swaths of credits.

With the passing of several months, as the wealth of the trio grew, they would make the move to Nar Shaddaa. It is here that Enalis would offically establish the Dark Templar order, a cult devoted to finding balance in the force, drawing heavily from the teachings of Revan, Malgus, and Keleth Ur. The charismatic leader quickly attracted a small following. With the promises of power and riches, it was not hard to draw from the desperate of the Hutt city moon. It is here that they would pursue the trail of a Jedi lead expedition, deep into the bowels of the city in search of Revan’s long lost armory. After several weeks of toiling beneath the cityscape, they caught their quarry.  Massacring the Jedi expedition, the ragtag band would claim the armory for themselves and begin the long process of exploring, taming, disarming, and finally conquering the self-sustaining fortress.

Brilliance is a common trait amongst the Dark Templar leadership. Between Sibyl’s research, Prilloth’s force knowledge, and Enalis’s mechanical mind, the Dark Templar made numerous ground breaking discoveries. The creation of the Kerrabos alloy and the subsequent automation of the Sith Alchemical process, the capturing and harnessing of the stealth technology used in Malgus’s rebellion, the development of the black-core sabre, and many more quickly grew the strength of the tiny cult exponentially. The Dark Templar would tap into the criminal underground, taking over swaths of territory, assimilating and destroying rival gangs. Smuggling, racketeering, prostitution, extortion, and assassination, whilst far from the noble ideals of the order, to ignore the profits that could be obtained would be foolish. The effectiveness of the Dark Templar did not go un-noticed, and soon the order was the personal enforcers of the Hutts, running the entire criminal network of the city planet.

With such large amounts of ill-gotten gains flowing in, a front company was established; the now infamous galaxy spanning Excellion Incorporated was born. Many other small businessess where started to also launder these funds. Excellion specialized in high grade weapons, but would soon expand to manufacturing everything from armor to capital ships. In only a matter of a few years, Enalis would become one of the wealthiest individuals in the galaxy, utilizing those funds to only further expand both Excellion and the Dark Templar. In a power play of pure brilliance, cunning, guile and luck, the Dark Templar would purchase up multiple deeds to key points throughout Nar Shaddaa: casinos, brothels, hospitals, speeder stations, space hangars and more. Overnight the power balance of Nar Shaddaa shifted from the Hutts to the Dark Templar. The Dark Templar where now officially a galactic power.

With such a large power base, the Dark Templar would expand, aggressively recruiting Sith, Jedi, Imperial Soldiers, Republic Troopers, Mercenaries, Mandalorians, Doctors, Nurses, Pilots, Engineers, and Scholars…everything needed to run an empire. Promises of power, riches, freedom, a true understanding of the Force, adventure, debt payoffs, asylum, a cause worth fighting for- the Dark Templar would take all, train them, mold them, and would field one of the most loyal, well equipped, and deadly fighting forces the Galaxy has ever seen. Fully embracing equality for all species, advancements were not hindered by bias. The Dark Templar would establish secret dock yards for what would become a truly advanced naval power. Succesfully implementing their stealth technology, the Dark Templar were able to field incredibly advanced and powerful fleets fully capable of adaptive stealth.


Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Makeb

With the discovery of Isotope-5 and the grudge that the Hutts held against the Dark Templar for taking over Nar Shaddaa, a short, yet bloody war would erupt. During this time, the Dark Templar would additionally lend aid to the Empire. Under the leadership of Darth Marr, Enalis and the defacto leader of the Empire would come to a mutual accord. No longer dissidents and terrorists, the Dark Templar became valuable allies of the Empire, fighting in many battles against the Hutts and Republic, offering the Empire the stay of battle it needed to recover from the crushing loss at Corellia. The Dark Templar would win decisive victory after decisive victory over the Hutt Cartel, fully solidifying control over Nar Shaddaa and protecting Imperial interests on Makeb, leading to an incredibly powerful alliance between two of the galaxy’s strongest factions.


The Dread Wars

With the turmoil wrought upon the galaxy by the war between the Republic and the Empire, (and her Dark Templar allies) many forgot the escape of the Dread Masters. A dire mistake for all within the galaxy. The six dark lords would return to the galaxy leading a crazed, maniacal army controlled through fear. The Dread Masters would wage a war on the entire galaxy, razing multiple worlds to the ground, leaving nothing but mass graves and ash in their wake. Out of desperation, a coalition of Dark Templar, Empire, and Republic forces would confront the Dread Masters in a final showdown on Oricon. The insuing battle lasted for months. Hundreds of thousands of casualties later, the Dread Palace would fall, ending the reign of terror the masters had wrought, Enalis himself having slain one of the Dread Masters with his own blade.


The Shadow of Revan

Following the conclusion to the Dread Wars, the Empire and Republic continued their war once again. During this conflict, rumors began to circle in the darkest corners of the galaxy. The Revanites were uniting and rallying behind a sole leader. The Dark Templar, being the largest of the Revanite factions, were contacted, but something was amiss. After a failed attempt on Sibyl’s life, now Executor and second in command, their suspicions were confirmed. These new Revanites did not seek to unify, but rather to conquer. The identity of the mysterious leader being revealed to be Revan himself, the Dark Templar leaders could detect the imbalance in the man who once sought a perfect harmony between light and dark. With this discovery and the betrayal by the Revanite cults, the Dark Templar would denounce the corrupted Revan, and ally themselves once again with the Empire. Culminating once again in an unsteady alliance of Dark Templar, Empire and Republic, Yavin 4 became the location of another Galaxy shaking battle. Whilst Revan and his followers were defeated, the coalition was unsuccessfull in preventing the revival of the Sith Emperor Vitiate, his words echoing a haunting warning to the combined force.



It was not long after the battle of Yavin 4 that the Emperor made his first move. Manifesting himself on the planet of Ziost, following an unsuccsful Republic S.I.S operation, the Emperor would drive those upon the planet mad and eventually claim them under a massive, powerful mind control. Seeking to once again claim a physical body, the Emperor would begin a mysterious ritual. With no time to lose, Enalis and a portion of his 7th legion sped to the planet to help in the response. An effort that would prove futile. Upon landing the first of his forward units, the Emperor would complete his ritual, consuming all life upon the planet, every last drop of force energy. Enalis could do nothing, but watch from the bridge of the Aurora as the very essence of his troops were consumed along with the entire planet. Vowing to see justice served, he would bring his 7th legion alongside Marr’s coalition, the massive 7th Fleet boosting the strength of the coalition fleet nearly threefold. Together, they would pursue the Emperor into the uncharted regions.


The Eternal Empire, Zakuul

Deep in the unkown regions, the coalition fleet would find what they were looking for. Ambushed by the Eternal fleet, the overwhelming firepower would shred through the coalition armada. Even with the incredibly advanced warships of the Dark Templar, which to that point had been considered by many the most powerful vessels in the galaxy, the 7th fleet was ripped to shreds. A mere two of Enalis’s ships escaped; his own, severly damaged Aurorra, and the smaller Ambrosia, a Haunt class Corvette. Time was short, for Enalis knew what would come next. He now understood what the Emperor sought; the entire galaxy. In a shocking and unpopular move, he scattered the Dark Templar across the galaxy, ordering his apprentice, Morrigon, to seal the Armory and the forces within until he could once again return. With no time to mount repairs, Enalis would exile himself and the remnants of his 7th legion on Tattoine.   

Prilloth, who was the on the Ambroisa, had little to no choice. The small ship, damaged from the battle, was ripping itself apart in hyper space. Luck or the will of the Force, the ship dropped from hyper space, above Yavin 4, scuttling the ship onto the forest moon, so too would Prilloth begin his own exile.

Sibyl reluctantly followed Enalis' orders, despite wanting to fight the predicted invasion. She would lead her much smaller 4th legion to Alderaan, for she had unfinished business with her noble family. A bloody civil war would erupt upon the planet, Sibyl, being the upstart. She lead her proven fighting fourth into battle against her entranched family, seeking to redeem her father’s name and claim lordship over her rightful inheritance.

Enalis’s prediction would hold true. The mysterious Empire of Zakuul would soon invade, setting ablaze the galaxy with overhwleming might. Nothing could stand against the might of the Eternal Fleet. The Dark Templar forces would only engage in a few battles with the Eternal Empire. Whilst on the ground, the superior training and the edge of Force Unification allowed stalemates and minor victories over the Eternal Empire, but for each near victory the Dark Templar legions sought, the Eternal Fleet would arrive, devastating Dark Templar ships and obliterating ground forces. Within the month, the rest of the Dark Templar had gone underground. A little more than a year later, Empire and Republic would both capitulate to the conquering force. Whilst both Empire and Republic lost vast amounts of forces, the damage to the Dark Templar, thanks to the quick thinking of the Dark Templar leadership, was kept to a minimum.

The Dark Templar would lay low for five years, lightly striking at occupying forces and slinking back into the darkness, a war of attrition against a foe with near limitless resources. Hope would be kindled, as rumor of an individual known as the outlander, having escaped Zakuul, now lead an open rebellion against the Eternal Empire. The Dark Templar once again would seek out an ally in the face of a mutual enemy, allying themselves with the Alliance. Slowly, the Dark Templar would slip from their fortresses and return from exiles to rally behind the banner of the Alliance, bringing the full strength against the Eternal Empire. Prilloth and his forces would be recovered from Yavin 4, having made many ground breaking discoveries that would aid the Dark Templar in their war against the Eternal Empire. It would be a long, grueling, bloody war, but despite the power of the Emperor and the Eternal Empire, against all odds, the Alliance would prove victorious.

Following the victory over the Eternal Empire, the Dark Templar would then ally themselves with Empress Acina, continuing the alliance that the late Darth Marr and Enalis had originally established. The galaxy was weak and realing from the burdens the occupation had brought. Once again in the face of adversity, the Dark Templar saw opportunity, reclaiming old strongholds and ship yards whilst snatching up fortresses and holdings once belonging to Republic and Empire. The Dark Templar would quickly regain their strength and once again enter into a boom of growth.

Prilloth would return to Yavin 4 to continue research into the Force secrets the dark planet held, overseeing the construction of a secret Dark Templar stronghold that would rival that of the Armory. It is during this time that a tomb of three ancient Sith lords would be discovered. With the aide of his assistant, Aleina, the two in a botched ritual would accidently awaken these three spirits. With quick thinking, Prilloth would save his and the life of his assistant; however, these spirits were powerful in the Force and now fully awakened and had remanifested their bodies, raising their long dead army to fight and conquer once more. Escaping on an ancient ship, they vowed to bring purity to the Sith and purge and enslave the galaxy!